Customer value is no longer an empty management mantra.

Subscription and recurring revenue models are on the rise, and understanding your customers and delivering recurring value are now must-haves for your company.

Here’s the reality: the days of understanding customer engagement through surveys, support tickets, and periodic check-ins are numbered. Today’s cloud businesses have unprecedented visibility and data on customers, opening up new opportunities – and smarter ways – to understand and engage with them to maximize revenue.

This is where Totango comes in.

By monitoring customer behavior and usage in applications – along with critical relationship data from CRM, billing, and other systems – Totango uncovers customer insights that help you understand which customers need your attention and why.

The result: an engaged and active user base that will help your business thrive: higher customer acquisition, lower churn, happier customers, and faster growth. With leading SaaS and cloud services companies running on Totango, we power insights for over 20 million users, and have developed the top benchmarks and best practices to guide them to their success.