Eloqua Connector for Totango Lifecycle Marketing

Use  Totango to create Lifecycle Marketing Campaigns and start sharing with your users relevant, contextual material personalized to their level of engagement.For example,

– create a campaign for ‘power-users’ designed to increase referrals,

– a campaign to re-capture ‘inactive accounts’ or

– one designed to introduce users to new features and modules in your application they had not yet tried out.

If your organization uses Eloqua as its email marketing & automation platform of choice, you can use our new Totango-Eloqua-Connector to easily setup campaigns on Eloqua using Totango Insights about customers and their engagement.

The connector is provided as open source, and uses the Totango Data API to pull relevant insights from your Totango instance. This means that while it’ll get you up and running in no-time, you can also extend it to support different formats and workflows to meet your organization’s needs.

Please feel free to contribute any improvements back into the project, or even start a new Totango connector by yourself.


Guy Nirpaz

I'm the CEO and Co-Founder of Totango. I love people and technology and I've dedicated my career to tech that will improve the way people do business. Prior to starting Totango I worked in the space of real-time big data as EVP of Engineering at GigaSpaces and as Chief Architect at Mercury.

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