How nCircle is Driving Signup Conversion with Totango

We more than tripled the number of successful trials of nCircle PureCloud, our cloud based vulnerability scanner in just a matter of weeks with the help of Totango insights.” – David Meltzer, VP Engineering nCircle

nCircle provides information risk and security performance management solutions to thousands of enterprises around the world. Their latest offering, nCircle PureCloud, is a vulnerability scanning service that’s all cloud-based and doesn’t require an on-premise appliance.

The goal of the PureCloud free trial process is to get people to sign up, install a small connector (4 MB) and complete their first successful scan.  Of those who complete a successful first scan, many go on to purchase a single report or a subscription.

nCircle holds twice a week engineering meetings to analyze and improve the user onboarding process. We instrumented the entire signup process with Totango. We use Totango cohort reports to understand bottlenecks and to see the results of changes we make from week to week.

nCircle wanted to know how people were moving through the process, where they got stuck and how they could improve the percentage of successful trials. Right away, they saw some data that enabled them to get results:

We discovered that a fair number of new trial users had incompatible systems. Using Totango insights we tweaked our onboarding process and campaigns and users with incompatible systems dropped to nearly nothing.

We saw trial users getting stuck installing the PureCloud connector. We now automatically detect a user’s browser and provide browser-specific screenshots with how-to-install instructions.

The results?

Within a period of a short ten weeks and lots of hard work on the part of the nCircle engineering team, the percentage of successful trials more than tripled within the first ten weeks of the service.  Now it’s onto selling lots of PureCloud!

Going forward our inside sales team will use Totango to focus their sales efforts and to have more information about an account before calling them. We will continue to use Totango insights to improve the service for our customers.


Guy Nirpaz

I'm the CEO and Co-Founder of Totango. I love people and technology and I've dedicated my career to tech that will improve the way people do business. Prior to starting Totango I worked in the space of real-time big data as EVP of Engineering at GigaSpaces and as Chief Architect at Mercury.

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