2012 Looking Back: Totango, a year of immense growth

Now that we’re certain the world hasn’t ended…happy holidays from Totango! It’s been quite a year for us. We finally came out from beta towards the end of January and in September, Forbes reported on our amazing growth: 100 customers and 10 million users in just nine months!

This is what we learnt in 2012:

The user era is really happening.
Unfortunately most software companies are not ready.

Software is changing the world and the world of software is changing:

Where software companies are falling behind:

What can you do? Customer Journey Mapping will be the next big strategy that online and SaaS businesses are going to adopt to understand and effectively optimize customer interactions. Maybe you’ve already noticed the new tagging and triggering features on the latest version of our platform. Now you can trigger the right action for the right customer at the right time.

We interviewed industry Customer Success leaders

Interview series with Amy Friedman, Customer Success Profession
Customer Success Forum Part 1: Customer Success Heroes and Tools
Customer Success Forum Part 2: Customer Success Metrics and Performance
Customer Success in Baseball, Universities and Hardware Companies
Customer Success Chronicles: At Eloqua, customers are customers for life
Customer Success Chronicles: Clarizen Brings The Customer’s Voice to the Executive Level
Customer Success Chronicles: Enterasys empowers every touchpoint with the opportunity to delight and deliver value

We hosted a number of webinars
Customer Journey Mapping (KJR Associates)
Customer Engagement Plays Proven To Boost Customer Success Results (BlueJeans Network, Clarizen)
Customer Growth Lessons for Software and Internet companies (Aberdeen Group)
The Customer-Adaptive Enterprise (OVUM)
6 surefire tips to retain and grow customers (Zendesk)

As the year end nears, why not get a free “Revenue at Risk” assessment for your company? See what you could be doing differently to improve your current engagement strategies, just in time for your New Year’s Resolutions.

Have a happy new year!

Guy Nirpaz

I'm the CEO and Co-Founder of Totango. I love people and technology and I've dedicated my career to tech that will improve the way people do business. Prior to starting Totango I worked in the space of real-time big data as EVP of Engineering at GigaSpaces and as Chief Architect at Mercury.

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