Customer Growth Lessons for internet companies

Customer Growth Lessons for SaaS Companies Visualized (infographic)

Customer analytics help software companies see better retention rates and easily identify at-risk accounts. Totango partnered with Aberdeen to give you 10 recommendations and some interesting stats that compare typical SaaS companies with their best-in-class counterparts. Get the full complimentary
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4 Tips For Better Engagement and Customer Growth

There were many takeaways from last week’s Aberdeen webinar with Omer Minkar, here’s what you missed. Today’s customers are very savvy, they want more customization and products that meet their exact needs, therefore it’s important to engage and understand them.
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Aberdeen Group and Totango present: Customer Growth Lessons for Software and Internet companies

It’s no secret that retaining customers and growing their value is a key differentiator for leading software and internet companies. However, many businesses are inundated with numerous challenges and inefficiencies impacting their ability to better engage their customers. We’re back with
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Customer Success Managers Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value

Software Is Changing The World And Customer Success Processes

A new generation of companies is emerging to power The Customer Era. What is the customer era? An era where the customer is in charge and can access business and consumer services on demand, self-service without talking to a sales
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Resource Center Screen Shot

Presenting – the SaaS Resource Center

This week we’ve added a section into our website which I believe would add value to the SaaS Community – I present our SaaS Resource Center! The Resource Center is a place where we update the most important/informative/valuable articles on
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Marketo Logo

Successful Lifecycle Marketing through Innovative Marketo & Totango Integration

We are excited about our integration with Marketo to help companies with lifecycle marketing (marketing to existing customers). Combining the capabilities of Marketo with Totango leads to the automatic customization of content, timing and type of Lifecycle Marketing campaigns targeted
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