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3 Big Ideas for Software-as-a-Service Customer Success

I was on a super exciting panel at the All About The Cloud conference in San Francisco this week: “the Power of the Customer”. Here are 3 predictions for the future that were discussed on the panel: 1. All SaaS
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Chief Customer Officer

Chief Customer Officers Boost Customer Engagement

I am excited to see so many talk about the importance of the Chief Customer Officer. Dedicating an executive on your team to customer success can significantly boost customer engagement, increase customer retention and ultimately grow customer lifetime value. We
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Engine Yard Logo

Totango Accelerates Revenues for Engine Yard Customers

The Totango team is excited to announce its participating in the Engine Yard’s add-ons program. Engine Yard is the leading Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider. Totango provides Engine Yard’s clients a way to better monetize their applications by driving customer engagement and
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Mark Kofman-300mg

The Power of Measuring Customer Engagement

Talking about Customer Engagement, there are many metrics that could show a user engagement level, i.e. user are considered to be higher engaged if they refer your app to other potential user. Another example would be for returning users – users are
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Robot and a Human Hand

What is the Connection between Lifecycle Marketing and Automated Nurturing?

Reading Fergus Gloster’s post on Marketo’s blog got me thinking how Lifecycle marketing has dramatically evolved lately. Fergus states that Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) won’t turn into Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) by themselves – this phase can’t be automated and
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Customer Success

Five Tips to Customer Love

When you’re in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business, you should think of how to attract your users to your application in a way they’d be more successful due to it and therefore happier. If you think about selling, chances are it
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CloudForce Interview DreamSimplicity

Communicate with your Customers from within your Application

Interview to I met Matt Childs from DreamSimplicity again at the CloudForce 2012 event and had another opportunity to share what Totango is up to lately. I wanted to share with you the interview I gave him at the
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SandHill Logo

How Zendesk and CloudBees Increase their User Engagement

Yesterday, the SandHill Magazine have published an article about Managing Challenges of Onboarding SaaS Customers and Converting from Free Software Trials where 2 of the very popular app services providers – Zendesk and CloudBees, were quoted about their success in
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Success Graph

New Customer Health Dashboard to Easily Monitor Customer Success

The Totango team is excited to announce the release of the Customer Health Dashboard which helps cloud application providers and software as a service companies of all kinds track and manage overall user happiness at a glance (Read Press Release).
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Resource Center Screen Shot

Presenting – the SaaS Resource Center

This week we’ve added a section into our website which I believe would add value to the SaaS Community – I present our SaaS Resource Center! The Resource Center is a place where we update the most important/informative/valuable articles on
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Evaluating Trials

Are You Engaging New Trials in Their Evaluation?

We recently published a study that proves through big-data analysis what many people already know: Users that are actively engaged a few days into their trial are much more likely to convert to paying customers. 4x times more likely, to
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Churn-Canceled Account

Customer Success How to: Learning from Customers Who Churn

Nobody likes it when a customer cancels their subscription. In SaaS companies where the bottom-line is so heavily dependent on Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), churn is particularly troubling. As Joel York explained in SaaS Churn kills SaaS Growth, unless you
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Marketo Logo

Successful Lifecycle Marketing through Innovative Marketo & Totango Integration

We are excited about our integration with Marketo to help companies with lifecycle marketing (marketing to existing customers). Combining the capabilities of Marketo with Totango leads to the automatic customization of content, timing and type of Lifecycle Marketing campaigns targeted
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2 Important SaaS Businesses Studies

We’ve just uploaded two of our past studies for public access on slideshare – check it out: A study of 500+ SaaS executives into the metrics they use to run their business Analysis of the customer engagement of over one million
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Traffic Light

How Engagement Score is Calculated

Engagement score is an at-a-glance metric which Totango adds to each account. Its purpose is to give you a sense of how active and engaged a particular account is with your cloud application. An account’s Engagement Score is calculated by
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How Zendesk is Successfully Utilizing Their Sales Team

Today I’ve interviewed Zack Urlocker, Chief Operating Officer at Zendesk. Zendesk, is the leading cloud based help desk customer service software which uses a low touch sales model. Low touch sales model companies usually keep small and focus sales teams,
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Dropbox - Steve Bartel

How Dropbox Increases Their Customer Engagement Rate

Today I’ve interviewed Steve Bartel, Head of Analytics Team at Dropbox. Dropbox no-touch sales model is a very good example to emphasize how important it is to increase customer value using different types of user approach activities (nurturing campaigns, application,
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The App Stores Effect on Customer Engagement

Last week , I had several interesting meetings with people who don’t want to spend marketing dollars on paid advertising and prefer to put all of their investment into product offering, as they believe their products will market and sell
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over half don't use their saas paid service

Learn about user engagement from one million businesses

Today, I’m happy to announce that Totango has analyzed the customer engagement and optimized the sales and customer success interaction with more than one million prospects! We sure learned a lot from our beta stage and this is the place
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Free Button

2012 Year of Freemium Business Model in B2C and B2B

It started in gaming – 57 out of top 100 app store games are freemiums. huge companies like Zynga, Electronic Arts and Capcom or from startups like the makers of 2011 Nimblebit (Tiny Tower) and Spry Fox (Triple Town), the
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CloudBees Use case – Automate Customer Engagement with Totango

“For the first time, we have visibility into what our users are doing on our platform and can interact with them based on usage.” Sacha Labourey, CEO, CloudBees Inc. Those of you who’ve read my posts before probably know how
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The Market Size of Customer Engagement Management

We are excited that luminaries such as Paul Greenberg, Ray Wang and Dion Hinchcliffe and big league investors such as David Skok are starting to define the market for Customer Engagement Management. We would love to see more work done
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Customer Engagement - Shake hands

Beyond Social Business – A Definition of Customer Engagement

Paul Greenberg wrote a great blog this week defining Customer Engagement. I am much looking forward to his expanded paper on the topic. Basically he writes that in 2012: Out: Social Business and Social CRM In: Customer Engagement What’s the
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Computer Mouse Shopping Cart

B2B Sales Predictions for 2012

Lately there is an obvious increasing demand for user friendly cloud based apps and a tendency to prefer low touch and zero touch sales approaches, where there are as little sales involvement as possible. In my latest article: 8 ways
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Customer Engagement and Customer Success

Best of 2011: Top Videos and Blogs on Customer Engagement

2011 was a busy year! We’ve discussed a lot of important themes which are the hottest topics for any SaaS business such as Customer Engagement, Customer Success, Customer Lifetime Value, SaaS Best Practices, Low Touch and Zero Touch Sales Models,
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3 Steps to Measuring User Engagement with your Web Application

Take a step back and you’ll realize user-engagement is the single most important metric in any SaaS business. In a world where customer evaluate your offering at their own pace, and can cancel their subscription at any time, the best
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Customer Retention

On User Retention as a Service

Paul Stamatiou is doing a great job describing the concept of “User Retention as a Service” and from the long thread of comments we can certainly learn that this is a true pain point folks have. The basic idea as
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Tracy Kaufman Cloud9

Understand Customer Behavior in Your Trial Period

Today I’m going to share another interview with Tracey Kaufman, VP of Customer Experience at cloud9. Tracey was watching the Totango demo and then answered some questions about what she thinks of the application from a Customer Experience point of
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Charles Hudson Bionic Panda

Is there a Pattern for the Free to Paid User?

This week, I’ve interviewed Charles Hudson, CEO and Co-Founder of Bionic Panda Games about how he uses analytics system to increase free to paid conversion. Charles indicates that they’re trying to find a pattern of the paying customer and try
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Yammer Logo

Yammer Customer Engagement Team

Yammer recently appointed Samantha Loveland to lead their Customer Engagement team. Loveland (previously in will report to Chief Customer Officer David Obrand. Yammer, like other SaaS companies understands that Customer Success is key to their success, and much like
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HubSpot Tip

Top-of-Funnel Strategy

Another tip from VP sales at Hubspot Mark Roberge at the Sales 2.0 convention re top-of-funnel strategy. Mark recommends on keeping the top-of-funnel as wide as possible and worry about the filtering and the quality further down at the funnel.
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HootSuite Tip

Tip on How to Reduce Churn (Even in Low-Touch Models)

Another tip taken during Sales 2.0 from Darren Suomi, VP Sales at HootSuite – this time regarding self service model and how to adjust it to reduce churn. You know how it is that you get many leads and you
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HootSuite Interview

Do You Allow Social Media Channels in Your Business?

At the Sales 2.0, I’ve met Darren Suomi, VP Sales at HootSuite who gave me a tip regarding social media – If you’ve ever considered not to give a salesperson your phone or email address, consider giving them a social
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aiim Interview

Evolving from Document System to Engagement System

Here is the additional interview promised from the Enterprise 2.0 Conference. This time Jessie Wilkins, Director System Engagement for aiim speaks about how will the future of the enterprise information management will look like. As mentioned a lot in this
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Offer Customer Value

How NOT to Sell in SaaS and Increase Paid Conversions

So you have a product! you’ve worked so hard on making it the way you want (iteratively of course) and now you want to sell it – so how do you do that? The answer, as strange as it might
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Top 5 Trends in Sales 2.0

It was a jam packed day at Sales 2.0 in Santa Monica today. It was a great opportunity to meet with and learn from some of the brightest in the Sales 2.0 community.  I have summarized my key takeaways for
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Outright Image

3 Outright Strategies to Improve SaaS Customer Success

Totango is now (also) located in Mountain View, CA! Having a new Totango home in California is great and allows me to meet many cutting edge businesses with free trial or freemium business models while here. Today I caught up
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Customer Engagement - Shake hands

Genuine Customer Engagement

Jon Buscall on Be Good to Your Customers believes that most engagement related activities these days are actually lead generation activities and not really about customer engagement. This article grabbed my attention as I’ve been thinking a lot lately about
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The Cloud Channel Summit Logo

6 Tips for Cloud Sales using Channels

I attended Jeff Kaplan’s Cloud Channel Summit today. It was a very interesting conference. Clearly cloud channel sales is in its infancy, but there were some companies here with successful channel strategies including (1400 partners and counting), Scribe and
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Trial Conversion is Top Priority for SaaS-DreamSimplicity Interview

Trial Conversion is Top Priority in SaaS

Interview to Thanks so much to Matt Childs for giving me an opportunity to tell the Totango story on DreamSimplicity. Matt and I met each other on a very nice day at San Francisco and conducted this interivew which
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