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Easy-to-miss customer success blunders that can cost you customers

In this guest blog, Niraj Rout, Founder at Hiver, shares some small, but costly blunders that companies make in managing customer success.   If you have ever dealt with customers before, you have inevitably faced a situation which made you
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5 questions to consider: The Power of Customer Retention (infographic)

Really cool infographic from Kapow though I think it shouldn’t be a debate of which is better: retaining current customers or acquiring new ones. It should be more like realizing the value of existing customers and how much revenue they
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Archana Shetty - Ooyala

Guest Blog: The Transition from Account Management to Customer Success Management

Since its founding in 2007, Ooyala has been focused on pursuing products and strategies that deliver enhanced customer and market value. We have always been passionate about serving our customers.  Customer Service is not just a department but an attitude
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6 Surefire Tips to Retain & Grow Customers

Just a short while ago, I was co-presenting a webinar with J.D Peterson, VP Product Marketing of Zendesk. In the webinar I gave 3 tips on how we accelerate revenue throughout the customer lifecycle and how to drive conversion from
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Customer Success

Five Tips to Customer Love

When you’re in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business, you should think of how to attract your users to your application in a way they’d be more successful due to it and therefore happier. If you think about selling, chances are it
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Tracy Kaufman Cloud9

Your Customers Success is Your Own Success

In today video post, Tracey Kaufman, VP of Customer Experience for Cloud9, speaks about how a business should aspire to its customer’s success in order to become successful itself. I agree with that saying. Furthermore, I think that if a
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The Top 10 Things We Have Learned about Client Retention

In my last “Top 10” series for this week, I chose to review another Jeff Bennet’s article: Top 10 Things We Have Learned about Client Retention. Client retention is a critical component to any organization, especially for subscription based revenue
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Offer Customer Value

How NOT to Sell in SaaS and Increase Paid Conversions

So you have a product! you’ve worked so hard on making it the way you want (iteratively of course) and now you want to sell it – so how do you do that? The answer, as strange as it might
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Customer Engagement is Key for SaaS

Customer Engagement is key for software-as-a-Service business. A recent post by David Skok explains how and why to measure customer engagement. If you are a SaaS executive and haven’t read it yet, read this first. In this post I’d like
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