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Trials and tribulations: 4 best practices for increasing trial conversions

A recent study shows 67% of SaaS companies receive some percentage of their new customers through free trials. If your company offers free trials or a freemium model, it’s important for you to find ways to increase trial conversion rates
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6 Steps to Boost Sales with Freemium or Free Trial Model

Did you notice how business flow has changed in the past years? Purchasing online became the user’s field where they can check your application, test it and decide to come and go as they wish. No strings attached, no obligations.
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Freemium Friday: Roundup of B2B Freemium News

I plan to post every Friday on interesting developments and articles on Freemium in B2B land, but we will see how long I actually keep this up 🙂 This week is a good week to start as we just signed
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How Zendesk and CloudBees Increase their User Engagement

Yesterday, the SandHill Magazine have published an article about Managing Challenges of Onboarding SaaS Customers and Converting from Free Software Trials where 2 of the very popular app services providers – Zendesk and CloudBees, were quoted about their success in
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Presenting – the SaaS Resource Center

This week we’ve added a section into our website which I believe would add value to the SaaS Community – I present our SaaS Resource Center! The Resource Center is a place where we update the most important/informative/valuable articles on
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Freemium, Free Trial and Pricing Models in 550 SaaS Companies

The way that enterprise products are being bought and sold is changing rapidly. Customers are increasingly demanding instant access to all information about your product, including pricing and a Freemium or free trial version of your application. We call this
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2012 Year of Freemium Business Model in B2C and B2B

It started in gaming – 57 out of top 100 app store games are freemiums. huge companies like Zynga, Electronic Arts and Capcom or from startups like the makers of 2011 Nimblebit (Tiny Tower) and Spry Fox (Triple Town), the
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CloudBees Use case – Automate Customer Engagement with Totango

“For the first time, we have visibility into what our users are doing on our platform and can interact with them based on usage.” Sacha Labourey, CEO, CloudBees Inc. Those of you who’ve read my posts before probably know how
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Best of 2011: SaaS Sales Models Tips

Are you running a B2B sales or inside sales organization? Do you have a freemium or free trial in your service? Are you considering a low or zero touch sales model to increase velocity of your sales funnel? These modern
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10 Tips for B2B Sales in the Subscription Economy

The subscription-based economy is thriving.  Netflix’s well-known model (and subsequent public relations mess in changing it), and the recent announcements from Google and Apple have set it in stone. The subscription model, like many of the B2B sales models in the
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Freemium Sales Models for B2B and SaaS

As promised, here is the second tip from Chris Yeh, VP Marketing of PBWorks about freemium sales models for b2b and SaaS. Knowing of the advantages of free trial / freemium models, I agree that companies that are making the adjustments
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How NOT to Sell in SaaS and Increase Paid Conversions

So you have a product! you’ve worked so hard on making it the way you want (iteratively of course) and now you want to sell it – so how do you do that? The answer, as strange as it might
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3 Outright Strategies to Improve SaaS Customer Success

Totango is now (also) located in Mountain View, CA! Having a new Totango home in California is great and allows me to meet many cutting edge businesses with free trial or freemium business models while here. Today I caught up
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Trial Conversion is Top Priority for SaaS-DreamSimplicity Interview

Trial Conversion is Top Priority in SaaS

Interview to Thanks so much to Matt Childs for giving me an opportunity to tell the Totango story on DreamSimplicity. Matt and I met each other on a very nice day at San Francisco and conducted this interivew which
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Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Experience

Lately, I’ve started building a SaaS Dashboard for my own usage (which I’ll be happy to share with others as well) and I have put together a short survey in order to learn what are the key metrics to measure
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Free Trial Average Conversion Rate and Other Metrics

Free Trial Average Conversion Rate and Other Metrics

Following Lincoln Murphy’s post on (talking about conversion average rate for free trials, pricing pages or Freemium for SaaS or Web Apps), conversion rate average figures will do no good, as it doesn’t reflect the whole picture and usually
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