Clarizen is an online project management software that brings the power of collaborative project execution to every business.

"Totango keeps our customer success team proactive and engaged. We now know when an account is falling behind or struggling to onboard and can intervene to make a difference.”

Avinoam Nowogrodski, CEO

Clarizen customer success management with health ranking

Joshua Santos, Director of Customer Success at Clarizen:

“Totango is helping us keep organized and proactive in customer success. We now know when an account is falling behind or struggling to onboard with Clarizen and intervene to make a difference.” – Roni Feldsher, Director of Customer Success from Clarizen

The Clarizen platform provides sophisticated and powerful ways to manage collaborative projects ranging from small teams to large projects that can span many months and contributors. Clarizen’s customer success team works to ensure their paying customers are constantly finding value and making the best use of the platform for managing their projects.

A challenge that Clarizen’s customer success team faced was keeping track of the status of all their accounts: which ones were productive and didn’t need much help, ones who needed extra help getting started, or ones who were suddenly using the platform less and less. “Our job is to help our customers get the most out of Clarizen as possible. If we do a good job, customers will continue to use Clarizen and continue to do business with us“.

It was important for their customer success team to know what was going on and when; but they couldn’t afford to spend all their time tracking and monitoring their accounts. Totango insights allowed them to evaluate in real-time how each account was doing in terms of usage: frequency of account activity, how many users are on the account and at what engagement level.

“We’ve standardized our success tracking with Totango’s customer health metric. We use that to find accounts that need extra help and those that are doing great. We also use the health ranking to track trends to see if our efforts are helping improve the overall health of our customer base.”

Tight Integration with Salesforce Platform, Instant Data Sync

Clarizen uses Salesforce extensively for both sales and our customer-success efforts. Totango’s integration with the Salesforce platform allowed insights and data to sync automatically so the team could directly drill down into details from there. “Email alerts and notifications that are sent directly from Totango are also used by team members working on specific accounts. This setup fits our daily workflow perfectly and works really well for the entire team.”

Having access to real-time insights and monitoring has helped the Clarizen customer success team be more efficient and to provide better service that is in touch with their customers’ needs.