Lettuce offers an enterprise-level order management system for small businesses that handle large-scale B2B online sales.

“Using the information provided by Totango...I’m calling [clients] with knowledge of what’s going on, and opening the conversation with what we can do to help.”

Frank Jones, CTO & Co-Founder

Lettuce uses Totango for High Level Usage Monitoring

Lettuce offers an enterprise-level order management system for small businesses that handle large-scale B2B online sales. Prior to its founding in 2010, the company’s founders were in the process of growing a pet toy company. While developing their product, they realized that they needed an order-management system to handle their growing business demands. Although they initially built the platform for themselves, they recognized that other small businesses could also benefit from such a solution. This prompted the official launch of Lettuce.

Gaining Visibility into Usage Transparency and Performance Measurement

The team at Lettuce wanted to see which tools were (or weren’t) being used by most clients so that they could continue to develop their platform in the right direction. This way they could accurately measure performance for investors and show how the product’s growth was progressing over time.

They used Totango to monitor and measure two factors they felt directly impacted business success: critical activities and usage sessions. Some critical activities included: number of generated orders, products added to shopping cart, new customers – all of which were aggregated and presented through Totango’s dashboard and company account profiles. They were able to see how much time was spent on the application to understand how long users are engaged with a specific activity and whether or not this was in line with the Lettuce’s expectations.

“It’s really binary for me at this point. I want to know: Are clients using my software or not? We need the ability to track which web pages and components our customers are using most. The overview chart, where you can see in a graph all your customers’ activity over the past 30 days, is especially useful to us.” 

Scalable Growth Beyond the Beta Stage

As the business grows and completes its beta stage, Lettuce expects that the onboarding process will become shorter and the sheer amount of customers will mean a growing dependence on Totango’s suite of features that relate to onboarding, lifecycle marketing and overall customer success.

“I especially like Totango’s email reports and notifications that summarize my clients’ activities and show exactly how my clients are using our app. Especially in the case when clients’ usage is in decline, I want to know about this immediately so that I can shoot out an email or give our client a call to find out the reasons for this drop. It gives me the chance to reach out and investigate what we can do to bring their usage back up.”