PipeDrive is a sales pipeline management solution that helps businesses close more deals in less time.

“Totango automated [individual activity reports] for us in real-time so we didn’t have to go through layers of security to get the information we needed. This really helped us focus on converting our trial users to paid ones.”

Urmas Purde, Co-Founder

Pipedrive uses Totango to single view user intelligence

“It was inefficient to run individual activity reports from our software each time we needed specific customer-related information. Totango automated this for us in real-time so we didn’t have to go through layers of security to get the information we needed and focus on converting our trial users to paid ones.” – Urmas Purde, Co-Founder, Pipedrive

Pipedrive, a sales pipeline management solution, had a limited in-house tool that monitored who subscribed or paid by manually surveying their customer base through their data team but this proved to be an inefficient process. After implementing Totango, they received daily customizable account emails that showed active accounts, engagement profiles, priority customers and how people were using the service. Since the business development could work with engagement and customer activity metrics themselves, this freed up on average an hour a day for their head of customer support.

Three important activities they monitored were whether or not the users were creating new deals to assess the pipeline feature in action; whether or not they invited other team members to their account; and checking for inactivity.

Understanding What Keeps the Customer Engaged Through the Pipeline

Armed with their readily available insights, their business development team discovered the critical window to save a customer was within the first few days of sign up. They took action to shorten customer support reaction times to make sure all new users got the help and information they needed to increase trial-to-paid conversion rates.

They discovered two patterns:

  • If a user was inactive for the first two weeks, the probability that they would start using it was much lower;
  • If a user had actually used their trial and then became inactive, it was an indication they need other tools

“Totango has made it easier for us to get stats and specific information on new trials and paying customers so we can keep eye on important customers and reach out to them right away when they need us.”