Visage Mobile is an online enterprise mobility management platform that helps companies control users, spend, inventory, and policy.

“We identified which modules increased the likelihood of retaining our users with usage insights from Totango. This knowledge helped us engage better with our existing customers.”

Vincent Frisina, National Training Manager

Visage Mobile: usage insights optimize new features adoption

“We identified which modules increased the likelihood of retaining our users with usage insights from Totango. This knowledge was really helpful in guiding our product team to enhance features most likely to encourage adoption, and helped us engage better with our existing customers.” – Vincent Frisina, National Training Manager, Visage Mobile

Visage Mobile is an online mobility management platform with its own in-house analytics. However, to boost software adoption, the company needed a solution that offered a more granular understanding of their users’ activities that took less time – they were spending about an hour just to run a last login report with details from their database. Visage wanted the ability to segment their users by specific activities in order to determine two things: which were the indicative behaviors of retention, and how to enhance most frequently used features.

The team identified small tasks like logging in, utilizing the reports functionality, and managing inventory to be important for adoption because activity on these main modules demonstrated which users were fully using the software.

Applicable Customer Intelligence Throughout the Organization

“Every week our VP of Sales gets a sales activity report in Totango with Salesforce fields. At a glance he can access the health of each of our most active clients and those who are less engaged. Multiple functions in our company benefit from this data.”

Internally, the team uses Totango to track adoption: the sales team uses insight for demo environments and the product team determines where users are spending the most time, where they want users to spend more time and which features should be enhanced within the app accordingly.

“Our favorite feature is the health dashboard and health by success manager tab.”  Visage chose Totango because it was important for them to truly understand their users’ behaviors. When it comes to contacting existing customers regarding new products or updates, Visage Mobile knows what to send based on what’s relevant to their customers’ current user experience.