Zendesk is a web-based customer support platform serving over 15,000 companies and more than 65 million end-users across the globe.

“If you are a SaaS company, you should definitely use Totango. There is no way we could innovate on our business so quickly without Totango.”

Sam Boonin, Vice President of Products

Zendesk Uses Totango to Manage Their Customer Success

Customer success within a customer service platform – that’s what Totango and Zendesk achieved together. Using insights from their respective services, Zendesk developed two campaigns for trial marketing and lifecycle marketing, to keep trial and paying users engaged with their customer service software.

Trial Marketing

The goal during the trial period was to get prospects to successfully experience key functionality in Zendesk by getting users to complete the following tasks (which made them more likely to purchase when the trial ended):

  • Sending and receiving test tickets
  • Inviting additional customer service agents to use the trial
  • Branding their Zendesk customer service portal

After the initial “Getting Started” email, rather than setting time-based triggers, Zendesk implemented email triggers based on the user’s activities in the trial. Totango tracked these user actions (i.e. send a ticket, invite agents, customize Zendesk) and triggered email campaigns to encourage the completion of specific tasks not yet done.

Lifecycle Marketing

Internally, Zendesk has also been exploring customer success campaigns based on user activities. Customer service agents who respond to multiple customer inquiries with similar answers would receive a message suggesting they consider using Zendesk’s macro feature, greatly enhancing their productivity. By applying customer success management to its customer service platform, Zendesk has created a recipe for success!