Influence Purchase. Drive Customer Acquisition.

Many potential customers evaluate your product without ever contacting you. Drive users to experience your product in ways that influence conversion.  Identify those with true intentions to buy and target them with the right message when they need your attention.

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Identify Hot Prospects

Did you know that true evaluators are 20 times more likely to convert to paying than the average free user?

Totango helps you differentiate between true evaluators and tire kickers, and personalize customer contact based on it.


Understand Users

Have the right context, at all times to make smarter follow up calls or emails.

Know exactly how engaged your users are, and what actions each of them is performing.

Daily Monitoring

Timing is everything. Make sure to get your sales team daily emails with the status of ongoing trials.

Simply sign up for daily emails when you “follow” a single account or segments of customers.


Online Now

Why not call users when they are online in your application? See “online now” status in your CRM or Totango.

Increase your contact rate and catch prospects while their mind is on you.

Personalized Emails

Do you run campaigns for free and trial users – with emails sent on a pre-defined schedule?

With Totango, you can target emails to users based on their progress through the trial process and their specific activities in your application.