Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need more seats, accounts, or emails than the package includes?

Seats, accounts, and blocks of emails can be added to your subscription for a fee. Please contact your account manager to upgrade your subscription.

What is Accelerator onboarding?

Accelerator Onboarding is included with your license and is designed to meet you where you are and get you up and running as fast as possible. The self-paced program guides you through the process of launching touchpoints, tasks, and SuccessBLOCS through a series of guided videos, knowledge articles, one-on-one meetings, and webinars.

How do you define customer accounts?

A customer account is represented by a record that contains information about the customer, such as their name, address, contacts, contracts, subscription details, health, usage, customer engagement and any other relevant data. Optionally, you can model your products in Totango within the account structure. A "product account" provides your teams with a dedicated profile view of product information, including usage, health, and the ability to roll up information to parent levels.

What is a hierarchical account structure?

In a hierarchical account structure, accounts are arranged in tree-like format, where each account is positioned at a specific level within the hierarchy. The structure typically starts with a single top-level account, often referred to as the root account or the parent account. From there, additional accounts are created, forming subsequent levels beneath the parent account.

What is multidimensional health?

Multidimensional health is a way to calculate customer health scores using multiple weight variables and data points. Multidimensional health lets you set and customize the scoring of sub categories or dimensions within a health measurement. Drill down into each dimension for a proactive analysis of specific risk areas. Multidimensional health allows you to set and measure the health of your customers according to the operational priorities of your business.

What is a team?

A team is a group of users that can be organized manually or using your HR reporting hierarchy to control platform access and visibility. Teams are often grouped by department, product, or region.

What’s the difference between a practitioner, contributor, and viewer seat?

Practitioner seats are designed for admins, CSMs, and other users who require full access to the Totango Composable CS platform.

Contributor seats provide limited platform access, allowing users to see and add tasks, view notifications and customer health, add customer touchpoints, etc. This seat is ideal for customer-facing teams who partner with CS on customer activities such as Support, Sales, and Marketing.

Viewer seats offer read-only access for leadership and team members who require visibility into customer data, health, and KPIs.

Can I cancel a monthly subscription at any time?

No; Totango subscriptions are available for a one-year minimum commitment. However, monthly payment is available for the Starter plan. By choosing to pay in-full, we offer a 5% discount at the time of purchase.

Do you offer professional services?

Professional services can be purchased as needed for projects that need additional resources from Totango. Most professional service engagements are with a Customer Success Engineer and/or an Implementation Manager to organize the project.