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2012 SaaS Conversions sneak peek!

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3 Steps to Higher Conversions With Happy and Engaged Users (Infographic)

In our 2012 SaaS Conversions Benchmark report, we concluded that happy and engaged users result in more conversions. Our report showed that Best-in-Class SaaS companies had an overall 2% trial-to-paid-to-retained conversion rate compared to the average rate of 0.6%.

What are they doing differently?

Tip #1: They don’t require a credit card for trial signups! Goodbye credit card gate!

Tip #2: They find and focus on the trial users most likely to buy! How do they do this? By monitoring the user’s activity from the moment they sign up and keeping an eye out for signs that show they are engaged and finding value.

Tip #3: They monitor and guide new users to their first success post-sale! This means not abandoning after they’ve signed up. Their customers appreciate and value the attentiveness of their account managers/customer success managers.

2012 SaaS Conversions Benchmark Infographic

Get your copy of the full report to learn other cool things we analyzed such as “typical conversion in SaaS” and the anatomy of a free trial.

Ellis Luk

I'm the marketing and communications manager at Totango - but you can call me Chief Content Officer. When I'm not writing, you can find me obsessing over memes, debating grammatical usage or getting distracted by the latest Tumblr gif blogs. Customer love starts with a friendly hello!

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