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From CMO to Chief Customer Experience Officer – shifting gears to meet customer needs

HP recently announced that they were transitioning their latest CMO, Marty Homlish, and fitting him into a new role of “Chief Customer Experience Officer”. This role will focus on driving more consistent  and high-value interactions with customers across all business units. The same way we encourage businesses to reach out to the right customers at the right time with the right message, HP has been able to place Homlish with the right skills in the right job at the right moment.

The moment is now – especially since the SaaS industry is undergoing a profound change in regards to understanding customer interactions and learning to provide personalized experiences to each. It’s interesting to see software giants make such bold moves, opening up new roles specifically to focus on the customer and their experience.

With all this buzz around customer success and customer engagement, it’s a good time to look into how your business could revamp its efforts. Three questions you should be asking are:

1) Do I know what I need to measure/monitor to understand my customers’ usage behavior?

2) Can I quickly identify accounts that are in great shape or at-risk of churn? And act on that information?

3) How can I get my team to focus on high-value interactions with customers across all business units?

We can help you figure out the answer to those questions. Take a look at some findings our customers have learned about their business and how their turn those insights into actionable strategies.


Ellis Luk

I'm the marketing and communications manager at Totango - but you can call me Chief Content Officer. When I'm not writing, you can find me obsessing over memes, debating grammatical usage or getting distracted by the latest Tumblr gif blogs. Customer love starts with a friendly hello!

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