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Pro Customer Company is all about value

The SaaS industry is going through a revolution that has to do with placing the customer at the heart of the company. We call it the Pro-Customer revolution.

Pro-Customer companies see their customers first and invest a lot of energy in driving their success, because they understand the customer’s success is actually theirs. The more successful the customer is (through using the service), the more likely they will renew their subscription and stick around, becoming loyal, lifetime users.

But what is it that makes customers successful?
Well, in one word – it’s VALUE. Pro-Customer companies provide strong value to their audience at all stages – either to website visitors, trial users or paying customers.

Why do we need value? – the “Give to get” idea

Giving value first, will build trust between you and your audience, which will increase conversion and is essential for the selling process.
Starting the selling process before providing any value will be a lot more difficult and usually won’t work at all.

Value comes in many forms. A good example would be the Free Trial, where the value given is the company’s service, however it could also be a thorough whitepaper, an ebook, a course, a webinar – anything that would give valuable free knowledge.
Dropbox’s Freemium model, for example, also gives value first. Once their audience is ready, Dropbox will either proactively contact them to upgrade or their customers have seen enough value and reach out to them. The sales process is easier as Dropbox is now familiar with their users’ usage habits and they know their users have been given value first.


Provide your first value

But how long would it take till your prospects are ready to purchase your product?
Well, they first need to receive your first value.

First Value – definition:
“The highest business value delivered in the shortest amount of time”.

You could have the first value delivered after 1 hour or after 3 months.

For example, if I’m a project management company with a “no touch” model, I could define that prospects have received first value if they have:

  • Created their first project
  • Invited team members
  • Viewed the dashboard

Ideally prospects would be able to receive first value after an hour, but it could take more time for others, of course.

If you’re a helpdesk software company, it could take prospect 3 hours to:

  • Create 3 tickets
  • Spend 60 minutes in the application
  • Invite 2 additional agents

Another example: if you’re a marketing automation company, it might take 3 weeks to:

  • Explain your methodology
  • Configure your first 2 campaigns
  • Run your campaigns
  • Use analytics

Your goal would be to define your very own first value by the type of company you are, the complexity of your product and the type of customers.

Only after your prospect received ALL of what you’ve defined, they are considered as having received your first value! If they haven’t completed those activities, they’re not convinced about the value and therefore the chance to convert them will be lower.

To sum it up, value is the name of the game here – if you give away high quality customer value, you will eventually increase your customer acquisition, your customer retention and your Customer Lifetime value (CLTV).

To learn more about customer value, view our “Free Trial Best Practices” session – I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts!

Ellis Luk

I'm the marketing and communications manager at Totango - but you can call me Chief Content Officer. When I'm not writing, you can find me obsessing over memes, debating grammatical usage or getting distracted by the latest Tumblr gif blogs. Customer love starts with a friendly hello!

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