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The Customer Success Keynote and Smart SaaS Company Panel at SIIA’s Maximize 2014

Have you read the 6 secrets of customer success? Our CEO Guy Nirpaz spoke on them at his Customer Success keynote at SIIA‘s Maximize the other week. The key takeaway was that Customer Success is the new frontier for SaaS businesses. With the market very much transformed by the subscription economy, it is imperative that SaaS companies need to take a new approach to drive recurring value to their customers and take the time to map out the customer journey. Watch the keynote below or check out the slides.

To really explore the 6 secrets of customer success some more, we also hosted a panel with executives from leading SaaS companies: Zendesk, New Relic, Jive Software, and Xamarin. Watch the full panel below:

Here are some of my favorite sound bytes from the speakers:

Ellis Luk

I'm the marketing and communications manager at Totango - but you can call me Chief Content Officer. When I'm not writing, you can find me obsessing over memes, debating grammatical usage or getting distracted by the latest Tumblr gif blogs. Customer love starts with a friendly hello!

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