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Totango Tour Stopped in Austin – Here’s What Happened

Stop #4 of the Totango Tour was another great success. Our session last week featured Guy Nirpaz, CEO at Totango, and Shauna Osborne, VP Client Services at Innography, Inc.

Shauna gave an awesome presentation about how Innography, an intellectual property business intelligence platform, maps Client Success.  She discussed how it’s important to adjust your Client Success strategy to work well for your individual business.  At Innography, Shauna explained how they use Customer Success tools, such as Totango, to monitor client health and know when to market to certain customers.  She shared insight into how their Customer Success strategy has significantly increased their rate of renewals and how, by adjusting their Customer Success initiatives, they have found a strategy that works for their specific business.

Guy joined in and gave great comparisons of customer success at different subscription services from online streaming to phone applications, giving each attendee multiple perspectives of the role and importance of Customer Success.

After the session, we headed out to the Westin Lounge for cocktails where attendees asked more questions and networked with their customer success peers. Overall the event was fun and informative and we will definitely be returning to Austin.

The tour keeps going – with San Francisco this Thursday! Check out all the upcoming Totango Tour stops and register today.

Josh Webber

I'm the Marketing Manager at Totango, planning events and working to spread the word about Customer Success. I'll see you on the road- at tradeshows, meetups and roadshow sessions. Do you have an event where you would like to see us? Let me know! When I'm not planning events, I like to rock climb, play music, and spend time exploring San Francisco.

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