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Super Users and the Membership Economy

Part of the Customer Success Summit On-Demand Series

What is a Super User? That customer that knows your product well, they use it often and they share that drive and passion with other people. With today’s  subscription businesses these users are more important than ever for driving your product forward because not only do they bring you more users, they also provide valuable insights and feedback into your product that can help you improve.

In her session at the Customer Success Summit, Robbie Baxter, Author of The Membership Economy, walks through how to identify these users, why they are so important to your business and how you can cultivate even more of them.

Three defining characteristics of a super user:
  1. They know and love the product
  2. They are engaged to help you help your other customers
  3. They are evangelists in the community

So how do these super users change the way businesses run today? In the new membership economy where people buy subscription services as opposed to outright owning products, companies need to reach out to and build relationships with these users to drive innovation, loyalty and growth.

To get in the right mindset here are four questions to think about for driving super users in your business.
  1. What does it mean to have members–not customers?
  2. How would a forever transaction change your customer’s life?
  3. Who are your super-users and how would you build more of them through your on-boarding process?
  4. What is the ongoing forever benefit that you provide?

Watch the full session from Customer Success Summit.

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Amanda Saunders

I'm the Customer and Content Marketing Manager at Totango. I work with Customer Success heroes to help tell stories and share best practices that can be leveraged by others in our community. Previously, I worked at Citrix helping customer find new ways to work and live better.

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