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The Art and Science of Customer Experience, Growth and Segmentation

Part of the Customer Success Summit On-Demand Series

One of the biggest challenges Customer Success organizations face as they grow is how to manage all their customers.  A growing customer base presents several challenges, especially if you have a wide range of customer size, scope and revenue. One common strategy is to divide that customer base into distinct segments, each with its own profile of needs, activities and metrics.

 In his session at Customer Success Summit Joel Knight, Senior Director of Customer Experience at WP Engine talked through some best practices for a implementing a successful segmentation strategy for both your customers and your business.

Different ways to segment your business:
  1. Pricing & packaging
  2. By region
  3. By industry
  4. One size fits now

When developing your plan for segmentation it’s important to make sure it’s pretty organic in terms of both what you need as a business and what your customers need to be successful. This approach comes from continued iteration based on how the needs and priorities of your customers change over time.

Watch the full session from Customer Success Summit.

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Amanda Saunders

I'm the Customer and Content Marketing Manager at Totango. I work with Customer Success heroes to help tell stories and share best practices that can be leveraged by others in our community. Previously, I worked at Citrix helping customer find new ways to work and live better.

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