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Is it hot in here or is it just Customer Success?

Meetups are fun – a mix of professional networking, some necessary unwinding, and some cold beverages…especially if the A/C is broken. In our first in-office event, we definitely learned a few things about our new location. Ventilation aside (which won’t happen again), we have a really cool space for customer success meet-ups and located in a really good spot on the Peninsula (or so we heard). San Mateo with lots of parking – what could be better?


Thursday’s evening event kicked off with a brief panel on how technology is changing customer success. Totango wants to give a shout out to our 3 panelists: Mikael Blaisdell, Executive Director at Customer Success Association; Bill Cushard, Head of Training at ServiceRocket; and Omer Gotlieb, CCO & Co-Founder at Totango for answering some really good, thought-provoking questions asked by our moderator, Totango CPO, Maksim Ovsyannikov.



Here are a couple questions they covered:

Can Customer Success be supported with technologies that existed in the enterprise before the customer success platform was born?

This question brought up some interesting points. As we know, the more our customer base grows, the more technology we need to understand the data. There are many missing elements to managing customer success with the technology that was previously available. One panelist stated that the dominant vendor in the space is Excel, although it is potentially the most used tool at most companies, it falls short as the companies grow. There is a need for a platform to easily analyze the data that is being obtained. This is why customer success platforms were developed to help companies continue to provide customer success at scale.

How is customer marketing becoming more of a role of the Customer Success team? Are the current marketing automation tools meeting the needs of Customer Success teams?

Customer marketing is becoming more of a role for Customer Success within organizations. As the customer journey continues and businesses are required to continue giving value to their users Customer Success professionals need to have the right content to educate their customers at the right time. It is also important for them to know when is the right time to deliver the content to the customer. Marketing automation tools are fine for triggering emails and setting up nurture campaigns, but they do not provide the proper insights to know when to send out each piece of content and to truly know what stage the customer is at requires a customer success solution in conjunction with a marketing automation tool. Additionally, marketing tools measure analytics such as opens, clicks, etc., but they do not necessarily measure how successful each campaign is in regards to the product. This is also why we need a customer success solution, to identify how different campaigns lead to increases in product usage.

After the panel, the room was buzzing with discussions on customer success and what works and doesn’t work. Attendees ranged from companies just beginning to think about customer success to companies with established successful teams, adding a cool dynamic to the meetup.



It was a hot event, pun intended. But what’s a little sweat when the event is fun and informative? We all know the 50-mile stretch of Silicon Valley can feel like 500 miles in traffic, so we hope Totango’s regular Peninsula-based customer success meetups fit your commute better. Let us know if there’s a topic you want to learn about, if you’d like to speak at an upcoming meetup, or if you simply want to get the next invite. Email us at

Josh Webber

I'm the Marketing Manager at Totango, planning events and working to spread the word about Customer Success. I'll see you on the road- at tradeshows, meetups and roadshow sessions. Do you have an event where you would like to see us? Let me know! When I'm not planning events, I like to rock climb, play music, and spend time exploring San Francisco.

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