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Goals, Metrics, and How to Succeed in Customer Success

We had a great turn out at last night’s Customer Success Meetup. In addition to networking, we had sessions led by Kristen Hayer, CEO at The Success League and Guy Nirpaz, CEO at Totango. Each presentation was followed by great questions from the audience and a lively discussion.

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Guy presented, Customer Success Cubed – The Simplest Guide You’ll Ever Find. This high-level overview was designed to convey the fact that Customer Success doesn’t have to be complicated. It all boils down to managing 3 main things:

  • Success of your Customer
  • Success of your Process/Team
  • Success of your Business

All three of these buckets feed into the success of one another and therefore all three must be successful for any of them to be possible. In a nutshell, this is Customer Success. During the Q&A Guy mentioned a very important shift in the way people are thinking about Customer Success, he said, “In the past a lot of people thought less news was better when it came to customers, but this is changing.” Before we had the right tools, people assumed no news was good news, now with the evolution of Customer Success we can see the importance of knowing everything about our customer’s behaviors and product usage to not only manage churn and know when our customers are at risk, but to increase renewals and upsells and truly manage the customer lifecycle.



Kristen Hayer, took it a step further with a deep dive into goals and metrics customer success teams should set to be successful. Kristen broke down 3 steps to making a goal based management plan:

  • Company Metrics – understand company success metrics. For example, churn or retention, expansion, professional services or referral revenue. Bring your finance team donuts and coffee to figure out what revenue the company is expecting from the existing customer base.
  • Success Goals – goals to push your team to achieve success related company metrics, but understand the difference between metrics and reality to make sure you are building a realistic plan with goals you can control the outcome of.
  • Individual Goals – manage each individual to meet goals for themselves and the team. Create an actual plan and have weekly updates.


Kristen’s presentation led to a very engaged conversation with many thought-provoking questions about the customer lifecycle and how to help elevate the success role within an organization.



We hope to see you at our next Customer Success Silicon Valley Meetup. To stay in the loop about upcoming events, join our Meetup group.

Josh Webber

I'm the Marketing Manager at Totango, planning events and working to spread the word about Customer Success. I'll see you on the road- at tradeshows, meetups and roadshow sessions. Do you have an event where you would like to see us? Let me know! When I'm not planning events, I like to rock climb, play music, and spend time exploring San Francisco.

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  • Sophia Mia

    Totango monitors customer behavior and usage in cloud applications—along with critical relationship data from CRM, billing, and other systems—to generate insights on customer health and engagement. The solution combines big data analytics with powerful segmentation and predictive tools to help companies take a data-driven approach to driving customer success and reducing churn.

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  • Rahul Dhavan

    Great tips to improve Customer engagement. A good relationship with customers is one of the important factors to a succesfull business. All budding Entrepreneurs need to take a note of this if they want to improve their conversion rate and improve their brand’s credibility.

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