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Rain or Shine – The Customer Success Roadshow Continues in New York City

Networking NYC

It may have been stormy, but that didn’t stop New York City Customer Success professionals from heading out to the exclusive Norwood Club for a night of learning, networking, and a lot of fun. With drinks in hand we headed upstairs to hear from our speakers, Whitney Hillyer, Sr. Director of Customer Success at Bitly, Jill Nicholson, Head of Customer Success at Chartbeat, and Totango’s CEO, Guy Nirpaz.

A main theme that was touched on by both Whitney and Jill was how to ramp up your Customer Success team to increase renewals and upsells. Each presenter shared their process and results and emphasized the importance of the following:

  • Train and hire the right people – pull from the right background with the right sales/technical background
  • Identify upsell opportunities – pulling the right data to understand upsell potential
  • Tier accounts – each tier has different needs, make sure these are properly identified
  • Setting the right targets – set aggressive long term revenue goals

The results: from implementing their new expansion model Chartbeat was able to boost upsells by 41% in the last quarter, and add-ons accounted for 42% new revenue in Q3. Bitly saw an increase of upsells of 267% and a reduction of churn of 25%. Both presentations offered a different look into how two highly successful businesses are structuring their Customer Success teams to scale their business and make a huge impact on their organization from both renewals and upsells.

Customer Success Growth – Doubling Down for Retention & Upsells from Totango

On a more conceptual level, Guy lead a conversation on running “Customer Success as a Business.” Guy’s presentation broke this approach down into 3 components:

  • Customer Success – you should manage your customers’ success through the customer journey. Using an early warning system and health scores will ensure success throughout the journey stages.
  • Process & Team Success – having the right processes is really about customer engagement at scale. Know the different types of engagement, their triggers and appropriate frequency, then streamline and automate those engagements with tools like Customer Success Campaigns.
  • Business Success – this is made up of 2 parts: 1) retaining customers to minimize customer base revenue losses, and 2) growing customer investment to maximize customer base revenue growth. Using a framework to identify which customers to invest your team’s time helps refine your company’s approach.

Driving success across these three areas is the first step towards operating as a customer success machine.

Guys presentation

The night finished up with some cocktails, delicious appetizers, and many conversations all about Customer Success at the Salon Bar of the Norwood Club. The Customer Success Roadshow continues on November 11th with our grand finale in San Francisco. We hope to see you there!

Josh Webber

I'm the Marketing Manager at Totango, planning events and working to spread the word about Customer Success. I'll see you on the road- at tradeshows, meetups and roadshow sessions. Do you have an event where you would like to see us? Let me know! When I'm not planning events, I like to rock climb, play music, and spend time exploring San Francisco.

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