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7 Reasons to Date a Customer Success Manager

There is something about customer success managers. Maybe it’s the fact that they are trailblazing in a relatively new career field. Or maybe it’s their patience with customers. It might be that you are still kind of unclear on what your customer success manager (CSM) even does and you’re a fan of mystery.

Are you considering dating a customer success manager? Here are are 7 reasons why they will definitely keep you coming back for more:

  1. It’s in their nature to solve literally every problem in your life – no matter how small.

CSM Gif1

  1. The way they show off features will make you want everything to be a high touch experience.


  1. They will remember that you love spinach omelettes months after you mention it.


  1. You will never have to remind them about the important dates in your life.

CSM Gif4

  1. Binge-watching Netflix is just part of your customer journey together.


  1. They will get weirdly excited literally every quarterly relationship review.


  1. They will be the greatest romance of your life. Guaranteed.


Now go to your customer success manager and never let them out of your sight!

Not sure where to find one? Check out Customer Success Summit by Totango. You’ll have the chance to mingle with 1000+ customer success professionals and learn about the best practices from industry leaders!

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Kevin Garcia

Kevin is the Marketing Manager @Totango focused on digital, brand, and product marketing. He helps companies simplify their customer success operations and deliver real value to customers. Prior to Totango, Kevin was a PMM @GoodHire, the fastest growing employment screening solution in the US.

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