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Top Executives Weigh In On Lessons Learned In Customer Success

At Customer Success Summit 2016, executives from Oracle Marketing Cloud, Hubspot, and Eventbrite shared some of the most valuable lessons they learned through the evolution of customer success in their careers and at their companies. Watch the two recorded sessions below.

Learning From The Past For The Modern Era

In this 12-minute keynote, Catherine Blackmore, GVP Customer Success at Oracle Marketing Cloud, provides a comprehensive overview of the progress customer success has made in the last decade. As a pioneer in the space, she not only shares how customer success is evolving, but also how today’s teams can best prepared for the modern era. She challenges customer success professionals to operate as “Customer Success Technologists.” Have you reached that level yet?


Emerging Challenges And Roles

As customer success has evolved, many companies are hiring their first Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) to manage a new mix of acquired and existing revenue. From building efficiency and predictability to bridging multiple teams, the CRO is tasked with creating true cohesion for the process of revenue generation. At Summit, Totango’s CEO Guy Nirpaz met with the CRO’s of HubSpot and Eventbrite to understand how these successful companies define their roles. This is a longer 40-minute panel session packed full of the lessons they’ve learned over time.

As customer success reaches critical mass, there is truly a unique opportunity to learn. These executives provide a blueprint for how companies like Oracle, HubSpot, and Eventbrite think about the practice of customer success. As you build your own practice, make sure to incorporate these lessons learned to avoid the pitfalls that others have faced.

If you are interested in creating efficient, proactive, and profitable programs from the start, request a demo of Totango today!

Kevin Garcia

Kevin is the Marketing Manager @Totango focused on digital, brand, and product marketing. He helps companies simplify their customer success operations and deliver real value to customers. Prior to Totango, Kevin was a PMM @GoodHire, the fastest growing employment screening solution in the US.

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