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Taking Customer Data Beyond the Customer Success Function with Zoe

We are excited to introduce Zoe™, the newest product developed by Totango. Zoe opens up customer success to the entire organization by making customer data available to anyone and enabling employee experts to self-organize for initiatives to positively impact the customer. Until now, customer success has been locked to a single function within companies, but Zoe changes that.

We have spent years perfecting the data model for the Customer Success Center, our best-in-class customer success platform. We call our model Totango DNA-CX™, which stands for Dynamic No-Schema Active Customer Index. By pulling data out of traditional rigid table structures, we created a proprietary architecture model that is flexible, fast, and doesn’t require perfect data to access meaningful insights. By connecting all dimensions of customer data, at any stage of readiness, each company can dynamically model their data on the unique DNA of their customer base.

After perfecting our data architecture and the platform, we identified the need for teams outside of customer success to access to the powerful data in Totango DNA-CX. So we developed Zoe, a conversational interface that gives access to the powerful data and insights of Totango DNA-CX, as well as enables cross-departmental teams to sign-up for customer success initiatives. The AI of Zoe learns over time, with constant improvement, through data, actions, and experiences, so it ultimately adds to the rich data in DNA-CX. Zoe has NLP (natural language processing) so it responds to questions instead of commands, and has a great personality that users will enjoy interacting with.

Zoe is initially available for Slack (as a bot) and email, and will be available for a wide range of additional collaboration platforms soon. To see the power of Zoe and Totango DNA-CX in action, request a demo today.

Ravit Danino

As our head of product, Ravit is building the next generation of Customer Success. She brings a wealth of experience leading product at Marketo, HP, and Mercury Interactive.

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