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Meet Zoe [Video]

Curious to see Zoe in action but not enough time for a full demo? We’ve got you covered, in less than a minute (47 seconds to be exact). See how Zoe makes it not just possible but easy to access customer data and collaborate with teammates to take actions to impact customers. Zoe as it appears in Slack is featured in this video, but Zoe will also be available in other enterprise messaging systems.

Zoe can make customer success the business of every employee. If you still don’t want to take our word for it, though, read the post by Kate Leggett on the Forrester blog where she talks extensively about how “customer success should be a team sport,” with Zoe as the embodiment of that philosophy:

“Unlike other customer success solutions which drive top-down actions, what I like is that this approach drives from a bottoms-up perspective, customer visibility and a customer success culture throughout the organization.” – Customer Success Should Be A Team Sport, March 9, 2017

Make the customer the center of your company. Customers can experience the power of Zoe with a free trial of Zoe in Slack. Otherwise, contact sales today to get started.

Adrienne Welch

I'm the Content Marketing Manager here at Totango. I get to hear great stories of how our solution is impacting our customers' businesses, and then I get to share those stories with the world. If you've got a Totango story you want to share, I'd love to hear it!

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