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Map Customer Success To Your Global Organization With SuccessTeams

Every company, especially a large enterprise, builds an organizational structure around their customer operations. Whether by region, product, vertical, or any other business parameter they define, Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are broken into teams to give them focus, tailored processes, and specific metrics that make sense for their line of business.

Today, Totango launched SuccessTeams for its Enterprise Edition to enable large organizations to align customer success with their global customer operations. This new feature enhances Totango’s already robust solution with even greater flexibility to map customer success technology to an enterprise’s existing structure of account relationships, multi-product portfolios, and now their internal team organization.

Totango SuccessTeams is an intuitive and flexible way of giving your customer-facing professionals the work environment they need – a customer success platform designed for their team, their accounts, and their prioritized tasks. In addition to increased focus, SuccessTeams also gives company leadership assurance that the right team members are accessing the right customer data.

Why should your company use Totango SuccessTeams?

  • It’s an easy way to organize customer success and account managers by your operational units, including geography, product, industry, etc. See the example in the image where 4 teams are created based on geographical regions.
  • Allows CSMs to focus only on the account information that is relevant to themincreasing productivity and efficiency
  • Enables management to monitor and track health and revenue performance of a specific line of business
  • Provides a secure way to share sensitive customer information

When you have set up your teams, you can view all teams and their total number of accounts and team members, as shown below.

Totango’s Enterprise Edition is used by some of the largest organizations in the world, signaling the increase in demand for a scalable, flexible, and real-time customer success platform. Request a demo today if you’d like to see SuccessTeams and the entire Totango solution in action.

Ravit Danino

As our head of product, Ravit is building the next generation of Customer Success. She brings a wealth of experience leading product at Marketo, HP, and Mercury Interactive.

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