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Why We Chose Slack as Zoe’s First Integration

We’re thrilled to introduce Zoe, an intelligent, conversational chatbot available now in Slack, the collaborative work environment, and via email. Slack is making team collaboration effective and fun, which is the reason that we at Totango chose Slack as the

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AI for Customer Success: Introducing Zoe

Back in the ‘90s, we were told that CRM software was the solution to customer centricity. Even just few years ago, Salesforce, undoubtedly the leader of CRM, changed their tagline to Customer Company (which they “borrowed” from IBM by the

Who’s in customer success?

The focus in growth and attention of customer success within an organization is definitely a very positive trend. Many companies, including very large enterprises, are remodeling their businesses to support customer centric organizational structures. They actively fund, staff and resource

The Business of Customer Success

Customer Success is a brand new profession. Its origin is based on the need for subscription and lifetime focused business to retain and grow their existing customers (customer base). I would like to offer a business perspective to organizations and

Customer Success Predictions for 2015

2014 has come to an end and it’s amazing to look back and see the phenomenal growth we experienced in the customer success industry last year. Working with hundreds of SaaS companies, I personally saw customer success elevated as a

Where Do Customer Success Teams Belong?

Recently I was interviewed by Tom Murphy for an article about Customer Success organizations and I’d like to repost my answer for you here. The question he posed to leaders of Customer Success software companies was: Should a customer success team be part of the

Zuora’s Customer Success Blueprint

One of the most engaging sessions at the Customer Success Summit 2014 was given by Tien Tzuo, founder and CEO of Zuora (the subscription billing company). Tien brilliantly described the process Zuora went through as a company by identifying customer

6 Customer Success Secrets

In the 2nd annual customer success summit last month in San Francisco, I’ve introduced the Customer Success Manifesto. If you are familiar with the agile software development manifesto will see a similar presentation style (visuals are updated to 2014 though). The Customer Success

Top 6 Customer Success books every CSM should read

In a recent online customer success discussion, a CSM team manager was interested in the top thought-provoking reads out there for customer success. Here’s a roundup of the Top 6 picks that are a must-read for any customer-focused organization (and

Welcoming Kaiser!

Today, I’m happy to announce a new significant addition to the  Totango management team. Kaiser Mulla-Feroze has joined Totango as Chief Marketing Officer. Kaiser joins our team after spending the last 12 years at Kaiser joined Salesforce around the

Jeff Bezos is the new and improved Steve Jobs

Where Steve Jobs was fanatical about product design, Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon, is fanatical about customer experience. I was really inspired by Jeff’s recent letter to his shareholders. He stresses more than ever before that business should

Becoming a customer company…wait, that’s not news!

In his recent keynote, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff talked about “Becoming a customer company”.  His message resonates with Totango’s beliefs on customer centricity and our driving force for organizing the Customer Success Summit. For years now, we’ve all heard “The

3 Lessons Learned from Business of Software 2012

If there is only one conference you should attend each year, it would definitely be the Business of Software conference series (I highly recommend for software entrepreneurs). It was my second time attending this year and it was great! Three main

A Developer is not a Growth Hacker

A developer is not a growth hacker and should not be considered one. Focus engineering on creating value for customers, encourage your marketing, sales and customer success teams to buy technology and hire hackers as part their teams to take

5 Traits of User Onboarding Craftsmen

Guy Nirpaz, Co-founder and CEO of Totango talks about how to craft successful user onboarding flows and gives five tips to user onboarding learnt from working with many successful internet and software companies.

Chief Customer Officer Drives Company Turnaround

Vala Afshar, Chief Customer Officer at Enterasys is one of the leading voices in the country when it comes to customer centricity and customer success. In this video, recorded at CRM Evolution 2012, Vala talks about co-creating value with customers.

4 ways to calculate customer retention

It’s important to measure what you’re trying to manage. There have been multiple opinions on which SaaS Metrics are important but the bottomline is still the same: revenue – what brings in the recurring profits? One of the biggest challenges

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