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What are Totango customers saying?

Tell me more, tell me more! So you’re considering a customer success solution and are trying to decide which direction to go. How do you know what value you can expect after implementing? Here’s what some of our customers are

5 keys to a Customer Success Dream Team

There’s been a lot of talk about who a customer success manager is, what sets them apart from account managers, and what they do. Let’s switch gears and discuss the things that are making these teams successful so others can learn from

The value Totango’s customers are getting

We recently sat down with our customers to better understand their experience with our customer success management platform so that we could share with others some tangible feedback on the value they’re getting, and most importantly, their ROI.  As a

What are other Customer Success Managers doing?

Ask Stephanie Fauvelle (of PhishLabs) what got her into Customer Success and she’ll tell you it’s the perfect marriage of her interests in technology and interacting with people. She admits she always has her phone on her and is constantly

Zuora’s Customer Success Blueprint

One of the most engaging sessions at the Customer Success Summit 2014 was given by Tien Tzuo, founder and CEO of Zuora (the subscription billing company). Tien brilliantly described the process Zuora went through as a company by identifying customer

6 Customer Success Secrets

In the 2nd annual customer success summit last month in San Francisco, I’ve introduced the Customer Success Manifesto. If you are familiar with the agile software development manifesto will see a similar presentation style (visuals are updated to 2014 though). The Customer Success

The Customer Success Summit is 3 weeks away!

The countdown begins! With just 3 weeks left, we’re fleshing out the final details of the Customer Success Summit. Your first time hearing about it? Watch the following video to see what it’s all about and what you can expect!

Product News Update: Organize Lists in Folders

Totango Lists are a core part of Totango. Used to create Playbooks for account managers and automatic rules for tags, alerts and reports, they form the base of many of the workflows enabled by Totango. Today we’re making it easier to

Thoughts from Customer SuccessCon West

A great crowd and enthusiastic speakers yesterday. My favorite part was getting all the panel speakers up on stage and trying to make them sweat. 😉 I’ve always enjoyed going to customer success events because of the people I meet,

Totango wins CRM Watchlist Award 2014

Just two weeks into the new year and we are so honored to win the 2014 CRM Watchlist Award (for software technology companies), judged by none other than the Paul Greenberg! Right before the end of November, post-holidays, post-Dreamforce, our team continued

We’re hiring: new year, new additions, new energy!

After a wildly successful end-of-year and a re-energizing break, we’re back and we’re more revitalized than ever! Our Palo Alto office is looking to expand in all departments – so whether you’re in sales, marketing, web design or customer success…we’re

Announcing the Customer Success Summit 2014

Last year, our first ever Customer Success Summit was a sold-out success. Today I am excited to announce that the 2nd Annual Customer Success Summit: Building the playbook for Customer Success will be held on Wednesday March 19, 2014 in San Francisco at the

2013 Top 10 Customer Success Posts

Let’s round out the year with our top 10 list of customer success articles! The list includes research reports, resources, metrics and more. 10. What is customer health score and how do I build one for my business? If you’re

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