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Top 6 Customer Success books every CSM should read

In a recent online customer success discussion, a CSM team manager was interested in the top thought-provoking reads out there for customer success. Here’s a roundup of the Top 6 picks that are a must-read for any customer-focused organization (and

New App: Totango Zendesk Application

Two big announcements in one week. I’m also really excited to announce the availability of the Totango Zendesk Application, available from the Zendesk App Marketplace.  The Application adds a widget to the sidebar of the Zendesk service desk dashboard (see

Creating Powerful User Lists

True Customer success is a relentless focus on customer value, delivered by educating, assisting and supporting each user according to their individual needs. This level of personalization requires a customer engagement management solution that understands the context of each user

Top Tweets from #subscribed13 Day 1

Here are some of my favorite tweets from Day ONE of today’s events. “Lines between #B2C and #B2B are blurred. We live in a world of #B2Any” @tientzuo #subscribed13 — Nate Gemberling (@ngemberling) September 19, 2013 @tientzuo at #subscribed13: in

Pro Customer Company is all about value

The SaaS industry is going through a revolution that has to do with placing the customer at the heart of the company. We call it the Pro-Customer revolution. Pro-Customer companies see their customers first and invest a lot of energy

Three Keys to Increasing Renewals

This happens to you more often than you’d like to admit. Your sales team lands a new customer with great potential. You work hard at the on-boarding process and hit all of the milestones. Roll-out is on schedule. Over the

Could your CRM be sabotaging your sales team?

Many CRM systems out there are revenue and pipeline oriented. As a result, many sales reps are focused on meeting their projected close date for their boss (aka a quota reminder) and the projected revenue of the customer they’re trying

Welcoming Kaiser!

Today, I’m happy to announce a new significant addition to the  Totango management team. Kaiser Mulla-Feroze has joined Totango as Chief Marketing Officer. Kaiser joins our team after spending the last 12 years at Kaiser joined Salesforce around the

7 highlights from the customer success hangout

Last week I was joined by customer success pros Chad Horenfeldt (Influitive), Jon Herstein (Box), Roni Feldsher (Clarizen), Mikael Blaisdell (HotLine Magazine), and our very own Guy Nirpaz (Totango). In the minutes leading up to our live stream Hangout, these

Hey Customer Success peeps, let’s hangout!

In our first ever (but definitely not last) Customer Success G+ Hangout we’ve got some pretty cool guests joining us from Influitive, Clarizen, and the HotLine Magazine. Where: Totango G+ page When: Wednesday June 26, 2013 – 11:15am PT / 2:15pm ET

Pro Customer Playbook Course: 4-part webinar series

In case you haven’t heard, the Pro-Customer Playbook Course is a training webinar series on how to become a Pro-Customer Company, a company that is customer centric and maximizes revenues from new and existing customers. The training course consists of

Pro Customer Company News Roundup

This week’s interesting Pro Customer Company news: PayPal has acquired Iron Pearl, a startup that focuses on customer engagement. With an active user base of more than 123 million customers, they are looking to combine new approaches to data analysis

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