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Jeff Bezos is the new and improved Steve Jobs

Where Steve Jobs was fanatical about product design, Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon, is fanatical about customer experience. I was really inspired by Jeff’s recent letter to his shareholders. He stresses more than ever before that business should

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

For a more in depth exploration on how to plan your customer journey map beyond the 1-hour Pro Customer webinar, you should consider signing up for: Customer Journey Mapping – Understanding How to Deliver and Capture Value and Grow Conversion Rates

Customer Retention Guest Blog: Three Loyalty Moments

I spent my formative years at Hewlett-Packard, an engineering-driven company that believed great products sell themselves. But after several years running operations in the hypercompetitive luxury travel industry I learned this isn’t entirely true; people buy from people they know,

Becoming a customer company…wait, that’s not news!

In his recent keynote, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff talked about “Becoming a customer company”.  His message resonates with Totango’s beliefs on customer centricity and our driving force for organizing the Customer Success Summit. For years now, we’ve all heard “The

Value is the currency of customer retention

Are you “locking in” customer retention instead of fueling it with value? I found myself nodding to this article about why customer retention should be about value.  You definitely don’t want your customers to “stay” only because they can’t leave

Customer retention is a result of loyalty and trust

This week’s roundup of Customer Retention thoughts: Customer retention is a result of loyalty and trust. Improve loyalty through anticipation to improve retention. 4 Proven ways to increase customer retention Stats already show that it’s more costly to acquire new

Customer Success Summit agenda is announced!

The Thursday March 14, 2013 event rundown is packed with great speakers on building the customer centric enterprise and real case studies on how they are run. Location: Bently Reserve, Gateway Room, 400 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 Follow

3 lessons on Customer Success Management in 2012

On Tuesday evening I attended another great CSM Forum event in San Francisco organized by Mikael Blaisdell. Speakers included customer success and customer advocacy professionals from Xtime, Yousendit and Marketo. My favorite 3 takeaways: 1. Mikael’s Customer Success Maturity Model I

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