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Customer Success – Lauren Taylor at Vend


Vend scales customer success operations by automating team tasks and best practice based workflows

As a Point of Sale solution, Vend enables retail businesses to complete transactions and record sales, manage inventory and has advanced reporting capabilities. As the system of record for all in-store and online sales, Vend is a key component in managing revenue and sales for both small and large retailers.


The challenge

The goal of the Customer Success team is to get customers up and running quickly and to start taking transactions right away. With thousands of small and large businesses as customers, knowing how to onboard each one based on its individual needs is essential. The team built a wealth of best practice-based plans for onboarding and nurturing customers according to their size, vertical and particular needs, but struggled to disseminate them across a global team. According to Lauren Taylor, Manager of Customer Success Operations and Training at Vend, having a large team spread around the world meant that scaling best practices across the team was difficult to do in a consistent manager. In order to drive consistent results in onboarding, feature adoption and declining usage among customers they needed a way to organize and disseminate essential information to the right customer success manager at the right time.


Looking for a solution

Vend originally purchased Totango’s technology to get deep insights into their customer base. However, team operations were managed in different systems and getting everyone the right information proved to be time consuming work. They were looking for a way to manage all of their team’s operations in one place and needed a way to make sure that their recommended tasks and workflows were automatically disseminated to the global team. Vend began using Totango’s SuccessPlays capabilities to put those plans into practice and help team members address particular situations such as low adoption, advanced feature usage, and upsell opportunities across customers in a consistent and effective manner.


The results

Vend Customer Success Managers now receive notifications that alert them to any customer situation that needs attention, along with detailed instructions on how best to address that issue in one place. This helps the team scale operations to address a growing customer base by establishing workflows that are available to everyone, ensuring consistent and timely action in proactively helping their customers succeed.

According to Lauren Taylor, “Implementing SuccessPlays has helped us to operationalize and scale our Customer Success best practices across our global team in a way that we couldn’t consistently achieve before. With Totango we know which customers are at risk, who needs help with advanced features, and who may be ready to go to the next level. Now we can make sure that every team member knows the best action to take for each of these situations and can quickly scale in a truly customer-centric way.”