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Published on:

May 30, 2022

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May 30, 2022

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Introduction to the Manage Business Reviews SuccessBLOC

Business Reviews are a great way to engage customers and continuously build long-lasting relationships. They ensure alignment and create a shared perspective with customers as to their outcomes and goals. Not sure where to start? Our Manage Business Review SuccessBLOC has you covered. Ensure business reviews are conducted on time, are delivering value and that “at risk” customers are being addressed.

Manage Business Review SuccessBLOC enables you to:

  • Be aware of what Business Review conversations are happening and where you may be falling behind schedule with your customers.
  • Implement a proactive Business Review strategy that scales and ensures you are building long term strategic relationships and engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.  
  • Leverage your business reviews to stay on top of any potentially at risk customers enabling your CS team to get ahead of those conversations!

What's Included?

goals & kpis

Ensure On-Time Business Reviews

  • Number of Overdue Business Reviews
  • Multidimensional Health Overview
  • Health Breakdown
  • Overdue Business Reviews by CSM
  • Overdue Business Reviews by Tier

Deliver Consistent and Valuable Business Reviews

  • Customers Missing SuccessPlans
  • Health of Customers (Upcoming Business Reviews)
  • # of BRs In The Next 30 Days
  • Business Reviews Delivered (Last 90 Days)
  • Customers Missing Plan Summary
  • Key Contacts Involved in Business Reviews

Engage At-Risk Customers

  • Value of Customers Overdue for a Business Review
  • Overdue Business Reviews (Risk Breakdown)
  • Accounts in Poor Health

Customer segments

  • Customers with Overdue Business Reviews
  • Business Review Overview (Last 90 Days)
  • All Paying Accounts
  • All Paying Accounts in Average Health
  • All Paying Accounts in Good Health
  • All Paying Accounts in Poor Health
  • Accounts at Risk
  • Current Quarter Renewals At Risk
  • Accounts With No Plan Objectives
  • Upcoming Business Reviews (Next 30 Days)
  • Accounts with No Plan Summary
  • All Key Contacts
  • Business Review Participants (Last 90 Days)


  • Business Review Follow Up
  • Schedule Business Review
  • Business Review Prepwork
  • Update Next Business Review Date
  • Business Review Feedback Alert


  • Business Review Feedback Survey


  • Blank Business Review Template.pptx
  • Creating Automated Business Reports.pdf
  • Business Review Totango Template.pptx

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