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Your Customer Success initiatives will be the catalyst to drive revenue growth. Focus on engaging at every stage of the customer journey - onboarding, adoption, and renewal - and achieve your growth targets, accurately forecast renewals, and deepen your customer loyalty. Whether you manage a small number of high value accounts or thousands of small accounts, Totango solutions enable you to leverage any and all customer data to gain actionable insights and deliver business results with speed and confidence. Leveraging thousands of customer implementations, Totango guides you through the process and makes you successful in weeks, not months - no consultants required. Totango Delivers Your Customer Success

Reduce Churn
Increase Upsells
Accurately Forecast
Maximize Adoption Rates
Improve Retention
Track Real-Time Health


The fastest way to get results in customer success.

Spark provides the fastest path to proven results by offering units of value – or SuccessBLOCs – which can be combined in any order to meet your business objectives. Each SuccessBLOC includes a set of best practices, key metrics, and communication templates to enable you to execute quickly and effectively.

Segment Data

View KPIs

Access Resources

Outcome-Specific SuccessPlays

Framework to Engage with Customers

Why Are SuccessBLOCs So Effective?.

Why Are SuccessBLOCs So Effective? You can use BLOCs right out-of-the-box or customize them to fit your business needs. Quickly get up and running without needing an army of consultants to gain immediate insight and results. SuccessBLOCs are an effective tool to provide the right level of engagement at each stage of the journey.

Implementing an enterprise-level customer success program can be daunting. With Totango, you can deliver results with speed and confidence.

Imperfect Data? No Problem with Totango DNA-CX™.

You don’t need perfect data to get started with Totango's customer success software. Our Dynamic No-Schema Active Customer Index is the only data technology that can connect multidimensional customer data streams, at any stage of readiness, in real-time to provide high-definition customer context.

Totango DNA-CX™ can easily connect all sources of data via our Integration Hub™

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With Zoe, employees from all departments can make better decisions to impact our customers quickly and positively.


Without Totango, we wouldn't be able to scale our programs and deliver value to thousand of customers.


I recommend Totango for people who are heavy users of Salesforce for two primary reasons: flexibility and simplicity.


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