April 1, 2019

Customer Success Conference - Israel

Customer Success Conference - Israel is the first conference fully dedicated to the international and Israeli Customer Success scene. The local industry is growing rapidly and we believe that it is ready for an event of this scale.

The event covered up-to-date international and local trends, industry insights, progress and development. The main target of the event was to give practical tools and techniques to the participants and to introduce new trends of the field. And it delivered.

As a leading Israeli founded Customer Success platform, we were invited to speak at the event. Ravit Danino – Totango's SVP of Products, delivered the keynote "Business Success is Customer Success" and shared how enterprise customers are getting results 3X faster. More than ever, the customer is at the epicenter of the economy and businesses are adopting customer-centricity and customer success as a strategy for growth. Find out the fastest and most efficient ways to scale your organization and increase ROI.