SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - March 22, 2016) - Leading customer success software company Totango today announced the release of Totango Enterprise Edition, helping recurring revenue and subscription-based companies gain deeper visibility into the ambiguity and nuances of their customer relationships and better meet customers' needs at different stages along their journey.

Enterprise account managers are often responsible for selling multiple products to the same organization at various times. Totango Enterprise Edition provides sophisticated, hierarchical data on parent-child account relationships, multi-product portfolios, multi-tier channel structures and more, simplifying customer success and enhancing the overall customer experience.

"Managing customer relationships in recurring revenue and subscription businesses is inherently complex, especially as companies grow in size, product lines, business units, locations and channels," said Maksim Ovsyannikov, Totango's Chief Product Officer. "Today, a monolithic view of a customer is meaningless -- Totango Enterprise Edition makes it easy to understand and navigate the evolving hierarchy of relationships, products and channels that you could not see before."

"We are very impressed by Totango's new enterprise edition capabilities," said Ziv Peled, VP Client Services of AppsFlyer. "This is the first solution we've seen that helps us manage customer relationships in the most effective way possible, and truly understands comprehensive information from across our extended enterprise. It helps us identify which customers within their organizations are using which apps, and we can manage their adoption appropriately. This is a big boost for helping us ensure our customers' success as we grow our team this year from 35 to 50 customer success managers distributed across 11 offices."

Three Key Benefits of Totango Enterprise Edition:

Account Hierarchies. Drill down to understand parent-child relationships, including business units, subsidiaries, locations, etc. Get accurate and complete visibility of customers in real time.

Multiple Products. Specify a detailed itemization of products and their adoption for a complete understanding of the end user-product relationship. Easily define product health and success.

Channel Partners. Identify which products belong to partners and networks of independent agents or dealers, and understand their value proposition for a better upsell and cross-sell.

"Customer Success Managers are expected to plan for customer success at every level. Totango Enterprise Edition provides a realistic presentation of different products and their usage that is tied to specific accounts, helping CSMs automate not only the process, but also put an effective system in place for communications and best practices," added Ovsyannikov.

Totango Enterprise Edition also features comprehensive analytics and metrics for reporting and measurement across departments and teams, easily integrating with other CRMs and helping account managers discover key trends at the account, product, and individual user level.

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About Totango

Totango is the leader in customer success management. The company helps SaaS and subscription businesses take a data-driven approach to reducing churn, driving customer adoption and advocacy, and maximizing lifetime revenue. Totango monitors customer behavior -- along with data from CRM, billing, and other enterprise systems -- to generate insights on customer health and engagement. The company's platform combines big data analytics with powerful segmentation and predictive tools to help companies pinpoint at-risk customers, spot upsell opportunities, and then manage communications with customers to drive productivity and scale for customer success teams.