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How to Build an Early Warning System

Learn how your organization move from fire fighting at risk accounts to more proactive customer retention practices by building an Early Warning System. With this solution, alerts are generated about any customer who requires attention – be it a customer with deteriorating health or an upsell opportunity that is set to renew soon.

Key benefits of an Early Warning System include:
-Become more proactive and data-driven: Ultimately make your team more
effective in preventing churn and creating upsell opportunities by using data to
drive a more proactive approach to managing your customer base.
-Manage your entire customer base: Creating a health score for your customers
gives your team an objective, consistent metric to track customer success across
the entire base, not just the high dollar accounts.
-Portfolio management: Customer Success Managers perform ongoing healthcheck-ins
and utilize a set of active lists to monitor their customers, flag those that
require attention and document their actions.
-Executive visibility on overall progress: The Customer Success team can provide
regular executive reports to share the status of customer health across the entire

If your organization is looking to become more proactive and data driven, read this solution brief to find out how you go about implementing an Early Warning System.