Improve your customer retention, satisfaction and experience. Add behavioral data insights to your VOC data to create a holistic picture of your customers’ health.

Customer feedback comes in two different forms: there is what customers say and then there is what they do. For example, a customer may consistently tell you things are going well, while their usage rates are actually dropping off precipitously. Or they may say they are frustrated with the limits of a feature or capability, when data shows they really are just ready to be upgraded to  more advanced capabilities. To keep accounts healthy, you must have insights into both customer voice (VOC) and also information on their behavior.

The VOC that you get through NICE Satmetrix  surveys and NPS is important. It not only reflects a customer’s values, aspirations, and goals —but it also gives you important cues about how they want to be supported by you.  

In many cases we can get even more valuable information from observing their activity— learning what their needs are, whether they are getting value, and ultimately how to help them to reach their goals. Surprisingly often, what customers say doesn’t match how they are actually behaving. You need both perspectives— just as surely as a doctor needs to check your pulse and blood pressure after they ask how you are feeling.

That’s where Totango comes in.

Totango will provide your team the behavioral insights and tools you need to be proactive—not just reacting to and helping you to treat problems after customers complain, but actively monitoring, diagnosing and alerting you to potential patterns before they become problems. The end goal is to protect and grow revenue from each of your accounts.  Totango can even use the information you uncover from VOC insights to trigger processes and customer outreach to make sure a customer’s experience is better to enable you to e maximize value and increase your upsell opportunities.

Totango  pulls together relevant customer data from all your systems—efficiently analyzing and presenting it in a clear, actionable way that flags problems and presents opportunities.

Totango Empowers Your Team to:

  • Monitor each customer’s health score in simple, clear dashboards
  • Triangulate real data against VOC to diagnose underlying causation
  • Analyze behaviors such as support tickets, product usage, and interactions
  • Deal with high-risk patterns proactively, before they escalate or customers churn
  • Spot opportunities to upsell, cross-sell and increase revenue
  • Save time and increase efficiencies with automated tasks and emails
  • Get a real-time comprehensive view of sales, support, adoption, issues, and engagement

Features include:

  • Automatic alerts and clear, real-time customer health reporting
  • Actionable customer insights at both an individual and account level
  • Activity tracking, flagging, and sharing for teams
  • Library of automated communications templates and drip nurture campaigns
  • Scores for customer engagement, sentiment, and stage of the customer journey
  • A comprehensive System of Record for all customer data
  • Easy integration with all customer-related applications

Totango and NICE Satmetrix make an ideal pairing because together they compare customer voice against their behavior, and then put that information together to create a complete picture of account health to create a  strategy for retention and account growth.

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