Improve Customer Success

Guide customers to resolution more effectively by understanding user experiences

With access to customer usage data, Support reps can guide users to resolution more effectively. When customers aren’t gaining full value from the product, they are more likely to switch to a competitor’s solution. As part of an interaction with Customer Support, users can be encouraged to explore untapped features, increasing satisfaction and customer success.

Close Support Tickets Faster

Identify who should be involved in order to solve problems

With Totango Zoe for ServiceNow, Support reps have the data they need to determine whether the support ticket is an anomaly or a recurring issue. If the agent sees on their dashboard that several similar tickets have been opened simultaneously by different users at one company, the agent can route the tickets appropriately, looping in additional resources to solve the problem efficiently. 

Increase Customer Retention

Recognize opportunities for additional training and services

On average, two-thirds of interactions with a company are with Support reps. These touchpoints are initiated by the customer when there are gaps between how the product is performing and how it should be performing. Not all gaps are due to product shortcomings, as most customers know. When Support reps are equipped with customer data, they are able to recognize opportunities for product upsells, training, and professional services.

Proactive Customer Support

Identify customer issues early to avoid escalations

Support reps are the customer’s “first responders,” helping users with onboarding challenges, user experience difficulties, and product misfires. When equipped with customer data from across the company, Support teams can gain insights into common issues. These insights can be shared with Operations or Engineering teams to improve future releases. 

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