Introducing ROI Metrics
for Customer Success Teams

Totango's Customer Success Platform is even better
with the launch of customized ROI metrics. Now track and
measure the results your customers are getting with your product.

Drive Adoption

Reduce Churn

Increase Upsells

Nurture, Protect and grow your customer base.

Grab hold of opportunity and scale your business while reducing churn, minimizing firefighting and filtering out noise.

Get powerful insights and alerts with the

Customer Success Intelligence System...

...And a way to do something about them with your

Customer Command Center

Reactive customer management based on guesswork is not customer success

You’re always firefighting. You’re too late to make an impact. Your customers are not happy. You’ve missed out on opportunities. You pay a price in cost and reputation.

Customer success is proactively leading and monitoring your customers’ journey with your product

​​Know when and why to reach out to a customer. Keep track of every user. Deliver the results they expect. Make them happy. Make opportunities happen.

How Totango Works.

Collect rich, granular data

via the live monitoring platform

Analyze and compute

the right insights and alerts

Drive key actions and processes

through the Customer Command Center

Totango integrates with your business.

​​Go live quickly and with all the right plugs in place. Totango integrates with your CRM, support and other systems as well as with over 300 additional applications. Playing nice is so much better than going solo.

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Ready to move from reactive to proactive Customer Success?

Need more convincing? No problem.

Let's go over it in some more detail

“If you are a SaaS company, you should definitely use Totango. There is no way we could innovate on our business so quickly without Totango.”

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New Release: The top 3 ROI metrics Customer Success needs to track

The holy grail of customer success is to easily prove the “value” or results that your customers get with your products. According to a survey of B2B buyers by IDC, “81% of buyers expect vendors to quantify the business value of proposed solutions” (IDC Survey of B2B Buyers, 2010). Yet, the most common way for SaaS businesses to show that value is by using a combination of metrics that only skim the surface (e.g., number of logins in the last month or time per user in the app) along with subjective satisfaction metrics.

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