How to Structure Your CSM Compensation

If your company is struggling with creating an effective customer success compensation strategy, you are not alone. Based on the results from Totango’s 2016 Customer Success Salary Survey, companies are continuing to shift more revenue responsibility to customer success. Individual
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Understanding Early Warning Systems for Customer Success

Early warning systems are at the heart of any modern Customer Success platform. An Early Warning System (EWS) is comprised of four different components: sensors, event detection, decision support, and customer engagement. With an EWS, customer success teams can use low-level
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How to Boost Slow Product Adoption After Onboarding

Onboarding is a crucial time to provide the training and resources that customers need to make the most out of your product. While many customers might be able to quickly ramp up after onboarding, there are some customers that are
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Driving Success at Wiredrive – a Totango Success Story

Totango User Story Based in the heart of Silicon Beach, Los Angeles, Wiredrive helps more than 1,500 customers around the world share media and collaborate more effectively. Their system flawlessly shares large files and serves as a single spot to
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15 Common Customer Success Complexities in Large Organizations

Last week we hosted a webinar featuring Roberto Jusino, Head of Customer Engagement at BIM 360 at Autodesk and Guy Nirpaz, Co-Founder & CEO at Totango where they discussed the complexities of customer success in large organizations. They wanted to
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What’s Happening Behind Your Customer’s Walls?

Consider the traditional account management relationship. You call the key stakeholder at each of your accounts, you make sure things are going well, and you fix things if they’re not. Pretty simple, right? The problem with this approach is that
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2016 Customer Success Salary Survey & State of the Profession Report

Customer success is no longer a new revenue opportunity, it has become a requirement for any subscription business looking to remain competitive. As new teams are built and programs are scaled, we also see more established teams maturing their practices
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Growth Hacking with User Behavior

The subscription economy has exploded over the last decade. Top SaaS companies with flexible, innovative technologies are in high demand.  The lower barrier to entry however, has created a myriad of competitive pressures on SaaS providers.  To dominate their markets,
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Totango Wins SIIA CODiE Awards for Best CRM and CRM Mobile App

We’re excited to share that Totango was honored as a double winner for the 2016 CODiE Awards in the categories of Best Customer Relationship Management Solution and Best CRM Mobile Application. The awards are presented by Software & Information Industry
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How To Tell If Your Customer Success Manager Is The One

Hiring the right customer success manager can significantly impact your business. The right customer success managers gracefully balance their own goals and customer relationships. It’s in their nature to be proactive and sensitive, but also to develop deep understanding for
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Mary Stanhope

Global Capacity – Breaking The SaaS Monopoly On Customer Success

Customer success is typically associated with SaaS businesses, helping companies grow and retain a customer base that can cancel and switch providers easily. But, SaaS companies are not the only ones using the subscription business model. Take Global Capacity, a
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Totango Brings the Customer Success Roadshow to NYC

The Customer Success Roadshow event in New York City was a huge success. Located at the exclusive Norwood Club, Customer Success professionals from New York’s hottest tech companies gathered for a night of learning, networking and fun. The content portion
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How To Get Customers Up and Running In 9 Easy Steps

You’ve heard it over and over again: the first 90 days can make or break the relationship. If your onboarding program only includes product integration and training, you are missing out on a special opportunity. You need to take onboarding
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Customer Success – The Farming Paradigm (With Gifs!)

  So we all know farmers. Source:   No, not that type of farmer…. the kind that grows trees. For thousands of years, they have been mastering a very simple, repetitive process – prep the soil, plant the seeds,
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Top Executives Weigh In On Lessons Learned In Customer Success

At Customer Success Summit 2016, executives from Oracle Marketing Cloud, Hubspot, and Eventbrite shared some of the most valuable lessons they learned through the evolution of customer success in their careers and at their companies. Watch the two recorded sessions
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3 Things Customer Success Management Is NOT

What is the best way to manage your customers? It’s the billion dollar question that subscription businesses want to know. As customer success continues to grow, it is important to take a critical look at common management frameworks and evaluate
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When Is The Right Time For a Customer Success Solution?

You know the fastest growing SaaS companies have the best record on churn and upsell. You’ve heard the success stories. You attended the Customer Success Summit. You’ve even heard how customer success solutions have evolved to manage complex hierarchies and
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Totango Named a Finalist in Three Categories for 2016 CODiE Awards

The SIIA recently announced that Totango has been named a finalist for the 2016 SIIA CODiE Award in the following categories: Best Customer Success Management Solution, Best Customer Relationship Management Solution, and Best CRM Mobile Application. Totango is incredibly honored
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Introducing “Farm Don’t Hunt: The Definitive Guide to Customer Success”

I am very proud to share more on the publication of my new book, Farm Don’t Hunt: The Definitive Guide to Customer Success. I’ve written this book as a very practical guide to business and team leaders who deal with
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Campaign Monitor

Congratulations to the 2016 Customer Success Hero Award Winners

Huge congratulations are in order for this year’s customer success heroes! Every year, the most trailblazing teams and individuals in the industry are recognized at the Customer Success Summit with the esteemed Totango Customer Success Hero Award. This year saw
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New Totango Enterprise Edition Transforms Business by Managing Customer Success at Every Level

Recently, we announced Totango Enterprise Edition, tailored for all companies, regardless of company size, selling into accounts with multiple teams, divisions, and subsidiaries; as well as large companies with multiple products and more complex channel sales organizations. If you are
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Easy-to-miss customer success blunders that can cost you customers

In this guest blog, Niraj Rout, Founder at Hiver, shares some small, but costly blunders that companies make in managing customer success.   If you have ever dealt with customers before, you have inevitably faced a situation which made you
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Explore the Customer Success Summit 2016 Agenda – Live Now!

Customer Success Summit is fast approaching. This year’s conference will be the biggest yet, featuring over 80 industry-leading speakers and more than 65 sessions in just two days. No matter where you are on your customer success journey, make sure
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Boost your company growth rates with complete visibility into your Revenue Stream

For most Enterprise SaaS companies, recurring revenue from existing customers (renewals and upsells) accounts for 50-70% of total revenue. Understanding this segment of the revenue stream is critical for business continuity, objective planning, and getting ahead of adverse situations such
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Becoming customer centric at an early-stage startup

The writing is on the wall. From top venture capital firms to industry leaders, the B2B SaaS space is universally accepting more customer centric principles to proactively influence the lifetime value of the customer. With good reason. In Gallup’s “Guide
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Resolution #7: Just get up and run! (With a customer success platform, that is)

A new year, a new start! We continue our blog series with our final blog of the series, Resolution #7: Just get up and run! (With a customer success platform, that is).  Check out all 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change
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Tying Marketing to Business Outcomes

Microsoft and the CMO Council recently released a whitepaper suggesting that marketers are moving away from digital campaign metrics (e.g. clicks, views) and beginning to invest more resources on metrics related to financial performance and business outcomes. It also offers
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5 Reasons Customer Success Summit is Ideal For Marketers

The Customer Success Summit is the must-attend event for customer success. It’s the opportunity for thousands of SaaS professionals to meet in downtown San Francisco and discuss best practices in driving customer adoption and advocacy, improving customer retention, and maximizing
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Three Reasons to Attend the 2016 Customer Success Summit

The Customer Success Summit (March 21-22) brings thousands of SaaS professionals together at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco. This year’s theme is mastering the business of customer success — how you can impact your customers’ business outcomes; how
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SaaS Metrics Title Page

5 Key Takeaways from this year’s SaaS Metrics Survey

    Every year we take the opportunity to run a comprehensive survey of professionals at SaaS companies ranging from early startups to established businesses with over $100M in revenue. Our aim is to better understand the key performance indicators
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Ryan Gosling for Customer Success

7 Reasons to Date a Customer Success Manager

There is something about customer success managers. Maybe it’s the fact that they are trailblazing in a relatively new career field. Or maybe it’s their patience with customers. It might be that you are still kind of unclear on what
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Resolution #6 Be a better partner! (Add meaning and relevancy to your relationships)

A new year, a new start! We continue our blog series with Resolution #6: Be a better partner! (Add meaning and relevancy to your relationships).  Check out all 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change your Customer Success world for the better! Resolution
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Putting customer success in the hands of your customers with SuccessBeat reflection tool

Enterprise SaaS solutions have borrowed heavily from popular consumer apps and services.  Old-school, stodgy account management practices are out.  Personalized, interactive user engagement is in. Learning from the pioneers Ten years ago, Salesforce was probably the first enterprise software vendor
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Nominations for the 2016 Customer Success Hero Awards Are Now Open!

We are excited to announce that nominations for the 3rd Annual Customer Success Hero Awards are now open! The Customer Success Hero Awards recognize individuals and teams that are raising the bar for customer success. Awards are presented at the
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Resolution #5: Make more money! (Improve freemium conversions)

A new year, a new start! We continue our blog series with Resolution #5: Make more money! (Improve freemium conversions).  Check out all 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change your Customer Success world for the better! Resolution #5: Make more money! (Improve
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Resolution #4: Get in shape! (Cut churn with data-driven analytics)

A new year, a new start! Wish your company could make improvements to your customer success program in 2016? We have 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change your Customer Success world for the better! Resolution #4: Get in shape! (Cut churn
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Resolution #3: Meet Mr./Mrs. Right! (Don’t settle on poor data)

A new year, a new start! Wish your company could make improvements to your customer success program in 2016? We have 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change your Customer Success world for the better! Resolution #3: Meet Mr./Mrs. Right!
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Resolution #2: Be more reliable! (Deliver consistent customer experiences)

A new year, a new start! Wish your company could make improvements to your customer success program in 2016? We have 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change your Customer Success world for the better! Why you need this Resolution:
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Customer Success – 8 Ways To Drive More Interest From Investors

Forbes recently published an article that I wrote with Lawton Ursrey highlighting the positive effect customer success can have on growth stage businesses. Forbes Article Link Here is an excerpt from the article: By widening your focus beyond just new sales
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