Tying Marketing to Business Outcomes

Microsoft and the CMO Council recently released a whitepaper suggesting that marketers are moving away from digital campaign metrics (e.g. clicks, views) and beginning to invest more resources on metrics related to financial performance and business outcomes. It also offers
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5 Reasons Customer Success Summit is Ideal For Marketers

The Customer Success Summit is the must-attend event for customer success. It’s the opportunity for thousands of SaaS professionals to meet in downtown San Francisco and discuss best practices in driving customer adoption and advocacy, improving customer retention, and maximizing
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Three Reasons to Attend the 2016 Customer Success Summit

The Customer Success Summit (March 21-22) brings thousands of SaaS professionals together at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco. This year’s theme is mastering the business of customer success — how you can impact your customers’ business outcomes; how
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SaaS Metrics Title Page

5 Key Takeaways from this year’s SaaS Metrics Survey

    Every year we take the opportunity to run a comprehensive survey of professionals at SaaS companies ranging from early startups to established businesses with over $100M in revenue. Our aim is to better understand the key performance indicators
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Ryan Gosling for Customer Success

7 Reasons to Date a Customer Success Manager

There is something about customer success managers. Maybe it’s the fact that they are trailblazing in a relatively new career field. Or maybe it’s their patience with customers. It might be that you are still kind of unclear on what
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Resolution #6 Be a better partner! (Add meaning and relevancy to your relationships)

A new year, a new start! We continue our blog series with Resolution #6: Be a better partner! (Add meaning and relevancy to your relationships).  Check out all 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change your Customer Success world for the better! Resolution
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Putting customer success in the hands of your customers with SuccessBeat reflection tool

Enterprise SaaS solutions have borrowed heavily from popular consumer apps and services.  Old-school, stodgy account management practices are out.  Personalized, interactive user engagement is in. Learning from the pioneers Ten years ago, Salesforce was probably the first enterprise software vendor
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Nominations for the 2016 Customer Success Hero Awards Are Now Open!

We are excited to announce that nominations for the 3rd Annual Customer Success Hero Awards are now open! The Customer Success Hero Awards recognize individuals and teams that are raising the bar for customer success. Awards are presented at the
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Resolution #5: Make more money! (Improve freemium conversions)

A new year, a new start! We continue our blog series with Resolution #5: Make more money! (Improve freemium conversions).  Check out all 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change your Customer Success world for the better! Resolution #5: Make more money! (Improve
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Resolution #4: Get in shape! (Cut churn with data-driven analytics)

A new year, a new start! Wish your company could make improvements to your customer success program in 2016? We have 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change your Customer Success world for the better! Resolution #4: Get in shape! (Cut churn
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Resolution #3: Meet Mr./Mrs. Right! (Don’t settle on poor data)

A new year, a new start! Wish your company could make improvements to your customer success program in 2016? We have 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change your Customer Success world for the better! Resolution #3: Meet Mr./Mrs. Right!
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Resolution #2: Be more reliable! (Deliver consistent customer experiences)

A new year, a new start! Wish your company could make improvements to your customer success program in 2016? We have 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change your Customer Success world for the better! Why you need this Resolution:
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Customer Success – 8 Ways To Drive More Interest From Investors

Forbes recently published an article that I wrote with Lawton Ursrey highlighting the positive effect customer success can have on growth stage businesses. Forbes Article Link Here is an excerpt from the article: By widening your focus beyond just new sales
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Customer Success Resolution #1: Find your Cool Factor! (Know the Secret Sauce of your Product)

A new year, a new start! Wish your company could make improvements to your customer success program in 2016? We have 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change your Customer Success world for the better! We are kicking it off
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Ring in the New Year with these Customer Success Resolutions!

A new year, a new start! Time to set goals to challenge both yourself and your team to deliver more value to your customers in 2016. We have 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change your Customer Success world for
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Customer Success Summit: First 100 Tickets Sell Out in One Week, Send Your Team and Save!

The 4th Annual Customer Success Summit is coming back to San Francisco, March 21-22, 2016. Our Kick-Off promotion sold out in just one week, but you can still save over 35% when you buy an Early Bird Ticket. Since the
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6 Things you should know about Customer Success

There has been a positive shift in the Customer Success market over the past few years which is exciting and encouraging for teams that have decided to support a “Customer First Approach.” Many companies are now realizing the importance of retaining customers and have publicly committed to invest in customer success.


Rain or Shine – The Customer Success Roadshow Continues in New York City

It may have been stormy, but that didn’t stop New York City Customer Success professionals from heading out to the exclusive Norwood Club for a night of learning, networking, and a lot of fun. With drinks in hand we headed
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New Release: Measure the impact and performance of your customer success team

Your customers are going through a journey with you and your customer success managers play an important role in how they experience the journey. The renewal (and the upsell) is merely the outcome. So how do you make sure that your customer success team is making the required impact along the way? How can you tell which customer success managers are doing well, or not so well, relative to others?

Customer Success Business

The Business of Customer Success

Customer Success is a brand new profession. Its origin is based on the need for subscription and lifetime focused business to retain and grow their existing customers (customer base). I would like to offer a business perspective to organizations and
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The Customer Success Roadshow Continues in Austin, TX

As a part of the 2nd annual customer success roadshow, we returned to Austin to gather the best and brightest customer success professionals in the area, for an evening of learning and fun. Before networking over some delicious food and cocktails, we featured three amazing speakers to present the sessions:


New Release: Automate customer communications with Customer Success Campaigns

Customer Success Campaigns is a simple, intuitive, and scalable way to automatically engage with every single user in your customer base with the right message at the right time based on their behavior and actions. This is something that traditional marketing systems are unable to do. Campaigns takes Totango’s powerful analytics capabilities and enables you to create precise user and account segments to target with messages and content that will drive desired business outcomes.


Business is Changing: 3 New Roles to Fill in the Gaps

No matter what industry your business operates in, now is a critical time to keep on your toes. Across sectors as varied as retail, hospitality, finance, and transportation, technological developments and new business models are changing the game – forcing management teams to rethink the longstanding strategies on which they built and grew their companies.

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4 powerful Customer Success questions that saved a $100,000+ account

In this guest blog, Alex McClafferty, Partner at Glide Consulting shares 4 important questions to help you rescue customers from churning. By asking all 4 questions to customers you can identify the problem, understand what is needed for a solution, and see the potential of maintaining the relationship.


Building a culture of customer success through process and alignment – talking shop in Boston

We had a great time getting to meet Customer Success teams in Boston last week. Lindsay White from Swipely, Mike Provenzano from InsightSquared, and Anaal Patel from Totango presented about creating a culture of customer success through process and alignment. Click through to see their presentations and learn more about the event.

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Introducing the definitive guide to buying a Customer Success Platform

Thinking of buying a Customer Success Platform? If so, you’ll want to read this guide. The right platform will provide unprecedented visibility into your customers, opening up new opportunities – and smarter ways – to understand them.

However, not all customer success platforms are created equally. Use this buyer’s guide to fully equip yourself with the information you need to make the right decision.


Goals, Metrics, and How to Succeed in Customer Success

We had a great turn out at last night’s Customer Success Meetup. In addition to networking, we had sessions led by Kristen Hayer, CEO at The Success League and Guy Nirpaz, CEO at Totango. Each presentation was followed by great questions from the audience and a lively discussion.


7 Steps to Scale Customer Success

Customer Success Summit is returning to San Francisco on March 21-22, 2016. Register today! Part of the Customer Success Summit On-Demand Series Customer success has become one of the hottest capabilities technology companies find themselves investing in today. For SaaS and
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New Release: Scale Customer Success team operations with SuccessPlays and Account Scorecards

Think of having a customer success coach built into your customer success software. That’s what these features do – guide actionable best practices, automate team processes, and give customer success managers the account benchmarking information they need at the right time.

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2015 Customer Success Salary Survey & State of the Profession Report

Customer Success as a profession is going through a meteoric rise. A recent chart from LinkedIn shows a 500% jump in the number of Customer Success jobs posted on the site last year. This phenomenal growth was also evident in our most recent Customer Success survey which attracted more than 4X respondents compared to last year.

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Marketing and Customer Success Team Up to Take Down Churn

Bigcommerce leverages marketing and customer success to drive integration, automation and increased customer retention.


Super Tools, Super Processes, or Super Awesome CSMs?

There’s a lot of talk about the best approach to Customer Success. What platform to use, what process to follow, which playbook to instrument. The list goes on and on as there is no simple answer, and as they say – there are many ways to skin the cat.


Is it hot in here or is it just Customer Success?

Meetups are fun – a mix of professional networking, some necessary unwinding, and some cold beverages…especially if the A/C is broken. In our first in-office event, we definitely learned a few things about our new location. Ventilation aside (which won’t happen again), we have a really cool space for customer success meet-ups and located in a really good spot on the Peninsula (or so we heard). San Mateo with lots of parking – what could be better?


New Release: The top 3 ROI metrics Customer Success needs to track

The holy grail of customer success is to easily prove the “value” or results that your customers get with your products. According to a survey of B2B buyers by IDC, “81% of buyers expect vendors to quantify the business value of proposed solutions” (IDC Survey of B2B Buyers, 2010). Yet, the most common way for SaaS businesses to show that value is by using a combination of metrics that only skim the surface (e.g., number of logins in the last month or time per user in the app) along with subjective satisfaction metrics.

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Is your Corporate Culture the Culprit?

Use design thinking to ignite creativity and drive customer success Part of the Customer Success Summit On-Demand Series In today’s world customer experience is everything. More important than cost, more important than features, if you’re not ensuring great experiences then
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From the Beginning: Customer Success at Early Stage Start-ups

Part of the Customer Success Summit On-Demand Series Sometimes Customer Success is seen as a function for established organizations, but in reality sometimes it can be more important for startups. Ari Klein, Head of Customer Success at DocSend, believes that your
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A CCO’S Framework for Customer Success Maturity

Whether you’ve been doing Customer Success for years or are just getting started, the best step you can take is to understand what maturity stage you are at so that you can understand how to move forward. Figure out where your are with their current strategy and what you need to do to move to the next level.


Mapping your Customer Journey: The Organizational Exercise you Must Do

Mapping your customer journey allows you to understand exactly the steps your customers need to complete in order to be successful and let’s you put in processes and programs to help them stay on track.


The ‘Blowfish Effect’: Look like a Big Fish in a Big Pond

While it’s not easy, there are small companies out there who look like big fish in a big pond by differentiating themselves based on customer service. Today, in many of the most crowded industries customer’s are actually choosing solutions not based on cost, but based on great customer experience.

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3 Non-Negotiable Traits for your First Customer Success Manager

Your first Customer Success Manager can make a huge impact on your business. Here are the top traits you should look for in your first hire to help drive success and create a company culture, both externally and internally.

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