Grow Customers. Fight Churn.

Delivering recurring value is the key to customer success.  Managing churn and renewals is necessary.  But you also need to understand each customer's health and status so you can focus your time and resources on bringing them value, engaging with them in a more meaningful manner, and ultimately maximizing revenue from each customer.

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Customer Health Console

Keep a pulse on your entire customer base in one central place.

Get an overview of your entire customer base, dive into specific segments (e.g., onboarding customers), monitor health trends over time, and evaluate the performance of every CSM — all in one dashboard. Make it your go-to destination every morning before you begin work.


My Customer Portfolio

Are you a rockstar customer success manager?
Track the performance of your own portfolio in one central place.

Get a snapshot of your accounts including an overall portfolio score, your portfolio value, and recent customer alerts. Prioritize and focus attention on the right customers at the right time. Add the accounts you are currently working on to your personal attention center, so you can manage all customer interactions and collaborate with other team members in one place.

Configurable Health Model

A health score you can trust.

Let Totango’s industry-leading approach to customer health monitoring and configuration improve your customer retention and churn rates. By individualizing the health score parameters for any customer profile, Totango allows you set up the necessary signals to manage your customers’ engagement and success.


Track Onboarding and Adoption

Do you know which customers have onboarded successfully?

Segment customers based on the progress they have made in your onboarding and adoption process. Identify users who are stuck, so you can help with personalized tips.

Identify At-Risk Accounts

Get alerts when an account is at risk of churn.

Understand the reason the account is flagged so you can proactively intervene by taking the right actions and getting the account back on track.


Account Profile

Before you call or email a customer, have the right context and detailed history.

See how customers are using your application – and how you can help them be more successful.

Customer Campaigns

Run personalized campaigns to drive customer success.

For example, when account usage drops – or stops – you could trigger a “please come back” email automatically. For your most active users, think about sending a “customer appreciation” email or gift.


Understand Product Usage

Do you know which are your most popular modules and features? Do you know who are your top users?

Understand which segment of customers use what functionality.