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Annual SaaS Metrics Survey – 2011 | 2012 | 2013
State of the Profession: Customer Success  – 2013
SaaS Customer Engagement Benchmark Report – 2012
SaaS Free Trial, Freemium, Pricing Benchmark – 2012
SaaS Conversions Benchmark Report – 2012
Signup and Trial Process Benchmark Report – 2012


Who are you, customer success professional?
2012 SaaS Metrics Survey Findings
SaaS Free Trial, Freemium, and Pricing Models
Lessons learned about user engagement
Signup and Trial Process Benchmark Findings
3 steps to higher conversions
Customer lifecycle marketing forecast

Pro Customer Playbook Course

Session 1: Free Trial Best Practices (webinar recording)
Session 2: Customer Lifecycle Marketing Tips (webinar recording)
Session 3: Customer Success Management Playbook (webinar recording)
Session 4: Renewals and Upsells Best Practices (webinar recording)

Interviews on Customer Success

“Six secrets for Customer Success Professionals” Interview series with Amy Friedman
Customer Success Forum Part 1: Customer Success Heroes and Tools 
Customer Success Forum Part 2: Customer Success Metrics and Performance 
Retaining customers in baseball, higher education, and secure networking
Customer Success Chronicles: At Eloqua, customers are customers for life 
Customer Success Chronicles: Clarizen Brings The Customer\’s Voice to the Executive Level 

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Customer Success Manifesto
Totango Introductory Presentation
Totango Datasheet
Totango ROI Cheat Sheet
Totango Customer Success Program Datasheet
Totango Customer Journey Mapping Workshop Datasheet

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