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The Customer Success Intelligence System.

The most reliable, customizable, and comprehensive customer health analytics in the industry.

  • Get a warning when an account is a churn risk
  • Identify which customers are falling behind in onboarding
  • Highlight users that need more product training
  • Identify your most engaged users
  • Know if your executive champion has tuned out
  • Identify accounts that are ready for an upgrade

Adaptive health model

Our industry-leading approach to customer health monitoring and configuration improves your customer retention rate. By individualizing and customizing the health score parameters for any customer profile, you can set up the necessary signals to manage your customers’ engagement and success.

Early Warning System

Get alerts when a customer’s health has changed and know the reasons why. Create a customized set of alerts and active-monitors for your customer portfolio and get notifications about customers that are falling behind or moving forward.

Customer Health Console

Get an overview of your entire customer base, dive into specific segments (e.g., onboarding customers), monitor health trends over time, and evaluate the performance of every CSM — all in one dashboard.

Active Monitoring

Track specific actions among your customers. Create a customized set of alerts and active-monitors for your customer portfolio that notify you about customers that haven't adopted a new feature, are falling behind in onboarding, or are becoming power users.

ROI Metrics

Create and define key metrics that track the ROI of your customers with your product in a matter of minutes. Track ROI in terms of improved revenue, increased productivity, and higher quality of outcomes. Incorporate these metrics into your customer health model, into executive reports and to drive automated nurturing campaigns.

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This awesomeness is only possible with totango's data platform

Trust us, this part really matters. It’s the technology that monitors your customers along every step in their
journey from onboarding to adoption to renewals and beyond.

Big Data

Sensor-based event monitoring

Account and user level data model

Go live in five weeks

Scalable, flexible infrastructure

Secure and stable


Your Customer Command Center

A new approach to productivity that enables you to work by exception and at scale.

  • Help CSMs prioritize and manage tasks related to their portfolio
  • Enable managers to assign tasks and track team performance
  • Automate interactions with customers, whether high or low touch
  • Keep executives in-the-know with detailed reports and dashboards
  • Trigger automated campaigns based on defined alerts and monitors
  • Set goals and track conversion and progress with customers


Track the performance of your own customer base and manage your interactions in one central place. Get a snapshot of your accounts including an overall portfolio score, your portfolio value, and recent customer alerts. Add the accounts you are currently working on to your personal attention center, so you can assign and prioritize customer tasks and collaborate with other team members.

Account Scorecards

Have the right information and history before you reach out to a customer. From account health history and activity timeline, to usage benchmarks (against other similar customers) and user leaderboards, to real-time metrics such as engagement scores and custom ROI metrics, get unprecedented context and visibility on your customers in one place.


A team coach built into your customer success software. Use SuccessPlays to automatically guide individual team members with recommended actions or tasks for a wide variety of situations from addressing onboarding delays to identifying/fulfilling customer training needs to driving upsell opportunities. Establish consistent processes to deliver the appropriate attention to each customer.

Customer Success Campaigns

Run personalized campaigns to drive customer success. Use Totango to deliver targeted messages to users and accounts based on specific behavior and actions. For example, when account usage drops – or stops – trigger an “how can we help” email automatically.

Executive Dashboards

Keep a pulse on the entire business with configurable reports. Track revenue at risk, customer health by journey stage, individual CSM productivity and more with an easily configured and customizable dashboard.

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