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Customer Health — a core Totango metric — is the consolidation of multiple data points and dimensions, aggregated into a single colored graph showing your customers health as good, bad or neutral.

Companies measure health in order to keep a pulse on the customer, anticipate needs, and empower decision making. Health can also be an important measure of how well customer behavior is tracking key business KPIs. With Totango It’s easy to click into the underlying causes of customer health to better target your response.

Meaningful measurement

Customize the Customer Health Score with data measurements that are meaningful to your business. The most widely used measures are: Usage, Adoption, Support, Voice of the Customer, CSM Sentiment, Financial and Engagement.

Powerful insights

All pre-configured health criteria roll up into one, easy-to-read Health Scorecard. See overall account health for your customer base, number of accounts affected, revenue at risk, health signal trends and more.

Account Health or Multidimensional Health

Account health allows you to set measurement categories and define values for what is good, bad or poor. These values are used collectively to provide a health score giving you the ability to quickly pinpoint issues.

Multidimensional account health lets you set and customize the scoring of sub categories or dimensions within a health measurement. Drill down into each dimension for a proactive analysis of specific risk areas. Multidimensional Health allows you to set and measure the health of your customers according to the operational priorities of your business.

See how Totango’s Customer Health SuccessBLOC can help improve customer retention rates and reduce churn.

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Drive action

Never miss the chance to act on a critical change to a customer’s health. Our Analyze Customer Health SuccessBLOC allows you to create and drive targeted playbooks and automated outreaches based on changes in customer health.

Use Customer Health SuccessBLOC
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