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Customer Health — a core Totango metric — is the consolidation of multiple data points, aggregated into a single color wheel showing your customer health as good, bad or neutral.

Companies measure health in order to keep a pulse on the customer, anticipate needs, and empower decision making. The Totango scorecard makes this intuitive and simple: green means the customer is getting value, and red means the customer requires immediate attention. It’s easy to click into the underlying causes of customer health to better target your response.

Meaningful customization

Customize the Customer Health data measurements to be meaningful to your business. The most widely used measures are: Product Usage and Adoption, License Utilization, Business Results, Engagement, and Advocacy.

Powerful insights

All pre-configured health criteria roll up into one, easy-to-read Health Scorecard. At the portfolio level click a color to see which accounts are in that status.

Rule-based health

Get fast insights with rule-based health as opposed to linear-based or weighted health. At the account level, see which metrics by date are contributing to the Health Score, using multiple interactive tables and charts.

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Rule-Based versus Linear versus Weighted

Totango’s Health model supports your dynamic environment through rule-based definitions. These definitions can be easily created, augmented or changed depending on the needs of your specific customer. 

This definition expands and improves upon linear-based health definitions which don’t easily reveal insights when the score is not at the extreme end of the polls, either 0 or 100. Additionally, linear-based health formulas live in excel and can’t be easily revealed or changed. 

Totango’s health model is also better than a weighted health model as weighting criteria can skew health in unintended ways. Imagine you’ve set up an account’s health to be heavily weighted toward executive relationship; other more leading indicators that the account may not renew might be ignored if the high-touch behaviors continue.

“We’re able to pull more information from more places to get a much better picture of customer health.” 

Jon Fotheringham, Director, Customer Experience Operations | Workfront
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