Lifecycle Marketing Made Easy.

As a recurring revenue business, you need to engage and market to your existing customers on a deeper level.  After all, renewals and upsells can account for over 50% of your business.  The key is to reach out to each customer and user according to their individual needs – and leverage customer advocates to amplify your marketing.  

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Segment Your User base

Do you market to your existing base? Can you segment customers and users based on their interactions with you?

Create dynamic segments like "hot trials", “power users” and "inactive users.”


Personalize Marketing

Don’t sound like a robot – even if you are one. Address each user by name and reference their interaction with you or your product.

Users will pay more attention and love you for it.

Find More Customer Advocates

Happy, engaged customers are your best marketing asset. Do you want to be alerted to all users adopting a new feature – or to those who have joined the ranks of the power users?

Contact the right person for case studies, testimonials, speaking opportunities, and beta programs.


Use Email Automation

Already have an existing marketing automation or email system?

Totango talks to your favorite email systems and makes campaigns smarter. For example, target a campaign to just those who use a specific feature.