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Aruba Leverages Digital-First Customer Success Approach to Drive Dynamic Engagements and Scalable Growth

When Aruba realized that 95 percent of its customer base was tech-touch and they were neglecting to properly engage with and measure analytics for this critical faction, they decided to implement a digital-first customer success approach.

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B2B Publisher Taps Totango to Maintain 95% Renewal Rate

Infopro gained insight into customer success and engagement with Totango, which allowed it to maintain a high subscription renewal rate and automate workflows, making the sales team more productive.

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Infopro Digital

Dynamic Assignment Enables Precision Engagement for Bentley Systems

Totango's Dynamic Assignment, a game-changing innovation that enables organizations to tap into a fluid group of specialists throughout the enterprise to match their expertise with the specific needs of customers, replacing the dedicated delivery model many enterprises currently utilize.

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Improved Targeting Reduces Customer Churn, Boosts Sales

When Monster doubled down on its small business segment at the beginning of 2018, it tapped Totango to help reduce customer churn and identify upsell and cross-sell opportunity. With just one full year under their belt using Totango they have increased their small business segments retention rate 11 points YoY.  Doing so helped Monster hold onto over $1.5 M in customer revenue and greatly improved sales rep productivity.

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Data Intensity Achieves Best-In-Class Customer Success with Totango

Following a period of rapid growth through acquisitions, managed services provider Data Intensity found it increasingly difficult to make sense of their customer data. Managing their growing customer base effectively due to a fragmented and outdated system was challenging until Totango came along.

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Data Intensity

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