The biggest customer success teams in the world choose Totango

Totango customers scale efficiently, deliver continuous customer value at each stage of the customer journey, and drive predictable growth for their businesses.
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GitHub scales CS during rapid growth

During a time of rapid growth, Github utilized Totango to scale their CS ops while driving their NRR to over 130%.

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Github Customer Story
SentinelOne Customer Story

Digital touch fuels customer centricity at SentinelOne

SentinelOne leveraged Totango to employ a digital-touch CS program that contributed to their growth, which included reporting 134% NRR.

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Totango has provided us the way to scale our CS team, drive our book of business, and manage tens of thousands of customers through a digital path.

Matt Harmon
Head of CS Operations

Egnyte ignites CS productivity and efficiency

Egnyte used Totango’s automation and personalization capabilities to improve their onboarding process, enabling them to significantly reduce manual work by 50%.

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Egnyte Customer Story
Taskrabbit Customer Story

TaskRabbit focuses on customers’ successes

TaskRabbit helped their Taskers achieve a 3x improvement in Tasker earnings, enabling them to retain their best Taskers and drive growth for their business.

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We are investing in our future success by creating longer-retaining Taskers with higher lifetime value.

Morgan Courtney
Director of Customer Success

Aruba succeeds in retention and growth

Aruba’s one-to-many CS program successfully scaled their customer experience, while maintaining a personalized approach and achieving an impressive 30-point increase in NPS.

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Aruba Customer Story
Waystar Customer Story

Waystar tackles risk and churn

With Totango, Waystar managed client success by prioritizing risk in a growing business, successfully reducing churn by 20%.

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Why Teamwork made the switch to Totango

By leveraging Totango’s powerful technology and taking a digital-first approach to customer success early on, Teamwork has been able to drive scalability and growth.

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Teamwork Customer Story

[Totango has] quickly proven its value and helped us become the trusted advisor for both Waystar customers and our leadership.

Joe Tichenor
Senior Client Insights Manager